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Oh hey you guys do you know I write fluffy things too? Based from this cute prompt which I may or may not do for all the ships I ship

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Saw the unsubbed Gokaiger 199 Hero... movie!

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The last two typhoons that ravaged our country ended up severing my internet connection, which... isn't really a big deal compared to what most people in our province faced. I guess I'm still lucky that the typhoon ended up only partially taking away what I can actually live without.

ANYWAY. I'm late, I don't care, but:

rp love meme
hmd meme

also, pics of my two current sentai otpppppppppps. ilu tumblr! )
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1. Friday will be my first-month-at-new-work anniversary! We haven't been doing much, but I've been told repeatedly and by so many different people that the crunch starts at the second month, so I'm psyching myself for that. Last week I observed how a group discussion works and how a facilitator handles it, and one day that'll be me. I'm excited and nervous about it!

2. Watched Goseiger's Last Epic. I didn't realize how much I missed seeing them in action until now! I think the only Goseiger eps I haven't watched are the movie itself and the team-up with Gokaiger. This one was... okay I guess. The first half was really fun, though the way it was resolved was typically too fast, sob. Oh well!

3. I'm so obsessed with this one local show it's insane. I haven't been this hooked since... four years ago, I think? It helps that a lot of people are hooked as well, and tumblr is my salvation for when I need a fix - which is often, hehe.

4. I miss having time to RP. I miss having motivation to RP even more. Nowadays I feel like I only have the weekends to play, and sometimes even then I don't feel the burning need to do it like before. I'm grateful [ profile] dramadramaduck is lax and welcoming and people backtag a lot, because I feel like that's the only way I can still play, as I am far from wanting to OMG DROP EVERYTHING.

...this doesn't mean I'll stop looking for castmates, though. I WANT GOSEIGERS AND LORD OF THE RINGS AND DEVIL WEARS PRADA PEOPLE, DAMNIT.


Mar. 6th, 2011 02:55 am
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1. Ugh, Gokaiger. Blue/Pink DNW :( And Luka's pose is seriously mucking up my perception of Yellow Owl, Yellow Turbo and Yellow Four, AND SO MANY OTHER YELLOWS. Heh.

2. My notifs are like. Not coming at all. For everything ever! And it's annoying because I have everything separated in folders and all sporadic notifs from LJ aren't even going to their appropriate folders. Ugh, what.

3. My first post at ATP and I already coded it wrongly sob! Seriously guys, if you have an LoTR character - app him/her at [ profile] dramadramaduck. I beg you! More castmates = more awesome. Same goes for Super Sentai because... well, for pretty much the same reason :P

4. I am considering dropping CFUD :( Ughh, I hate this feeling. I have the best castmates in the world and yet I am utterly failing at the old man. Sorry, guys T__________T
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We'll find out the gender of my sister's baby tomorrow! I'm so excited ♥ And I absolutely cannot wait for December to come, as they're coming home in time for Christmas, and could possibly stay for as long as three months. Yes, yes, yes.

I am also writing an LOTR ficlet about Éomer and Éowyn, since the idea struck while I was out reading fics for them. Apparently I am procrastinating again, since I told myself that I would start scouring for ideas for my Draco/Hermione fic assignment last Monday - and yet I've done everything but. Hnnnng. Self, what.

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SNAGGED FROM [ profile] yourlivewire:

Based entirely on my personality (so block what I really look like out of your mind), hunt down a "played by" who you think would best represent me. Reply here with the picture or link.
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1. Layout change! Oh yeah.

2. Thinking of doing a friends-cut, which is something I haven't done ever. It's kinda weird to see all these journals I've friended and not know or remember why I did. Hmmm.

3. While searching for LoTR fics, I came across a journal that's been designated as a memorial journal. It was really sad and depressing, even though I don't know who this person was :(

4. I would really appreciate any and all crit for my RP characters, especially the LoTR ones because... yeah, LoTR. Hnnggg. I'd wish to know what I'm doing wrong and how I could correct it, if ever - and your suggestions would be more than welcomed!
The How's My Driving? Meme
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Title: Five Reasons Hyde and Moune Never Went Out Together for Ice Cream
Rating: G
Notes: for [ profile] etapa

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But first! [ profile] etapa and [ profile] ice_cobalt , I'm definitely working on the fics. They are just... taking longer than usual, sorry! ♥

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Also, if you have suggestions on where else I could play these characters... I'm all ears. Or eyes. Whichever.
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my thread
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But first!

Hosted by

...sob, Goseiger. So few remaining episodes left :(

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In before ushering in a New Year!

Hosted by Hosted by Hosted by

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1) The downside to the season? The urgent need to lose weight afterward. I know you know what I'm talking about, sob. Just... parties, fiestas, and gatherings everywhere... fatty foods, why are you so good to eat :(

2) FFXIII is pretty much eating all of my time nowadays. Also? Downloading and rewatching Boukenger. I plan on marathoning Go-Onger next, but this isn't much of a priority, so.

3) Speaking of Sentai, I am sad that Goseiger is ending soon. I am ecstatic that the next ep is focused on Agri/Moune though, as we are very much in need of Landick-focused eps. As for Goukaiger, am I the only one who actually likes GoukaiBlue's ponytail? And ever since I saw GoukaiYellow's actress, I've always thought she resembles Filipina actress Jackie Rice. Buuuuuut that just might be me :P

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my thread


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