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The last two typhoons that ravaged our country ended up severing my internet connection, which... isn't really a big deal compared to what most people in our province faced. I guess I'm still lucky that the typhoon ended up only partially taking away what I can actually live without.

ANYWAY. I'm late, I don't care, but:

rp love meme
hmd meme

GODDAMN THESE TWO. I mean, I wasn't really planning on watching ep 32 since my interest in Gokaiger is severely lacking these days but I read a comment that mentioned these two training together and I'm like OHGODINEEDTOSEEIT.




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That Joe/Luka training scene was honestly worth the entire episode. It's that squee worthy ♥

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Ugh, I know! I think I watched and re-watched that scene forever - although I think it would have been better if Luka was also able to get a shot at Joe, haha.

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...or pin him to the ground. Whatever works XD

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I'm glad you're back and safe!

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♥ Thank you so much, Ree!

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Glad you're back safe, sweetie. I was beginning to wonder how you were doing.

Episode 32 was far from the most memorable episode ever. That scene alone was truly worth it, though :P Sparks were flying like mad in that one small moment, hee! And yeah, I did wish Luka had had a shot at Joe, too. Then again, we have a street-smart kickass girl going against an elite-trained soldier, so there's that. STILL.

It was so cute that Mikki and Kento met and posed together for old times' sakes. How could I not love Hyde/Moune? XD

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Mm, yeah. That was why I wasn't so keen on watching it - as usual, I only watch the ep if it's about Luka, so it being about Hakase didn't interest me much. BUT THAT SCENE, SOB. I almost want to know who approached whom, though I have a feeling Joe was already training when Luka just barged in and idk, challenged him or something :P

Then again, we have a street-smart kickass girl going against an elite-trained soldier, so there's that.

I know! Joe has this formal training while Luka didn't, but she has a lot of guts and dirty techniques to rival his, I believe. Oh, well!

Hyde/Moune is just. Awesome. Can we pretend that they are on a date in this picture? Hahaha! Though I doubt Hyde has it in him to smile so widely like that.

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If I didn't know you've been quite busy with RL stuff, I'd be beggin you to write fics with Joe/Luka and Hyde/Moune using just these prompts that you just gave XD

but she has a lot of guts and dirty techniques to rival his, I believe.

Oh, absolutely! Luka had to learn so much on her own, if anything, for nothing other than survival. One couldn't not have learned anything even if they didn't try. That's what makes Luka such the awesome character that she is. And the perfect match for Joe.

Hyde/Moune was a pairing that I was pretty much forcing myself to not love too much since at some point I began to accept that we wouldn't see it much more in canon, especially after their chapter closed in Epic 42... and then, THAT picture happens. YES YES, they are SO on a date XD As for Hyde's wide smile, at that point he probably could :P :P :P

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And I was thinking I was one of the very very few Joe/Luka shippers. I love those two, they're the only reason I watch Gokaiger.

Glad to hear that you're alright after the typhoons.

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Aha! We may be few but at least the show throws us something to chew on every now and then :P

Thank you so much!