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Again with lists!

1. Layout change! Oh yeah.

2. Thinking of doing a friends-cut, which is something I haven't done ever. It's kinda weird to see all these journals I've friended and not know or remember why I did. Hmmm.

3. While searching for LoTR fics, I came across a journal that's been designated as a memorial journal. It was really sad and depressing, even though I don't know who this person was :(

4. I would really appreciate any and all crit for my RP characters, especially the LoTR ones because... yeah, LoTR. Hnnggg. I'd wish to know what I'm doing wrong and how I could correct it, if ever - and your suggestions would be more than welcomed!
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Some people who were BNFs had their journals turned into memorials after they died, [ profile] kielle is one. I think you have to ask Livejournal to do it? I read something on [ profile] metafandom where people were talking about the idea of making a fandom equivalent of a will, so if you die, people will know whether you would want anyone to continue your fanfiction and what should be done with your Livejournal, etc. So if you wanted it to become a memorial you could ask

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I think that was the journal I wandered into last night. So sad :(

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I haven't come across a memorial journal, but I have read a blog and twitter of a friend who passed away. It was sad, reading his entries and tweets prior to his death, knowing the things he was thinking about, like how he was a little bummed about spending New Year's in the hospital. *sigh* And then there was this journal of an international model that I've been reading--her last entry was titled "say hi to forever." Two days after, her body was found hanging on her apartment--she committed suicide. D:


Anyway, your layout is so...light pink. XD It's cute. :D

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D: D: D: Aww, man. Coming across things like that is like getting a slap in the face and a rude reminder of how short life could be :( :( :(

Heh! I wanted a change and I settled on this one. Never really thought I'd have a pink journal ever buuuuut here I go :P

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I've never heard of a specific memorial journal turned out of a previously used one, but I have stumbled upon ones where a person has died and a trusted friend who has had the password has been able to log in and update people on what's happened. It is sad, but I really do like the idea of someones LJ being turned into a memorial. I've also see communities that have been created in the name of someone who has passed away, with has been used as a memoriam where friends (and fans) could join and post.

The layout is nice. Very happy and (to me) hopeful for spring.

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It's very disconcerting, since it was something I wasn't expecting - there was a line on top of the page that indicates the journal cannot be updated (no new entries can be added) since it's been turned into a memorial journal. There was an entry where the owner talked about her sickness, and then the next entry was her husband posting what happened and... yeah. At that point I was just stunned. :\

Thank you! It's simple but pretty and it works for me at the moment :D

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I can imagine. It really isn't something you expect - an abandoned LJ on the other hand, that's common enough.