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to find my place in this world

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angel/cordelia, astrology, basch/ashe, book-hunting, boukenger, bust a groove, bust a move, buying books, cordelia chase, dekaranger, diaries, draco/hermione, editing, evelyn/ardeth, fanfiction, faramir/eowyn, final fantasy, goseiger, harry/hermione, haruka/takeru, house/cuddy, illyria, kamen rider kiva, kotoha/chiaki, leo/piper/cole, magiranger, mako/ryunosuke, marguerite/roxton, maskman, masumi/natsuki, megaranger, megumi/nago, megumi/sanosuke, movies, music, piper/cole, reading, ritsuka/tsubasa, ron/pansy, rp, sentai, shalimar/brennan, shinkenger, sinbad/maeve, sky/z, spike/illyria, suikoden, sydney/sark, takeru/kotoha, tv, urara/hikaru, wesley/illyria, writing
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