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...okay, just when I was thinking oh god I need something new in my life, I receive word that tomorrow, I'll be discussing my employment terms with this company I applied for. Sweet! I'm so nervous and excited! Hopefully - hopefully - things will turn out well. The company's a huge, huge one - one of the biggest in the country - and I'm hoping that while employed I might be able to find something better while in it. Or do very well in the job I'll be hired for. Whichever, really :D

In other news, I also joined [ profile] narnia20in20. Have you any other 20in20 icon challenges that you might rec me, flist?
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[ profile] whedon20in20 is dope for reals, so is [ profile] ilove20in20 and I can link you various weekly Joss icontests if you'd like. Those are all the graphics contest communities I have tracked that aren't land comms.

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Land comms?

And I'll always lol at that icon what.

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That's very good! Good luck with the talk. :)

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♥ Thank you! I'm so nervous and excited about it - although I'm hoping I'll report in July instead of like next week so at least I can still enjoy my last days as a free woman XD

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Then I will hope for that too!

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It came true! My first day's on July 1, which is weird since it's a Friday. Haha!

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That's fantastic! And this is a job you want too right?

Maybe they're going to use Friday as a sort of introduction day, and then you start for real on Monday - that way, they don't have to take time out of that week to introduce you and get you settled in.

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It's a job that could open a lot of opportunities for me. Hopefully I'll like it enough :D

There is that, but I suspect it's more of making the computation of my pay easier, since salaries here are often computed based on 1st-15th and 16th-30th of the month. At least they don't have to adjust anything, which they would have to do if I reported on the 4th.

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That does make sense, yes. So you get paid every other week? ... I think maybe we've already had this conversation regarding pay...

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That's great news! :D You sound excited about it and I'm very happy for you. Best of luck and let's hope everything will work out for the best, you deserve it! :D :D :D

I admit I have no recs because I understand little to zero in terms of graphics -__-;;

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It's just weird because every time I ask for direction in my life, this company calls me, hahaha. This was the latest sign so I'm hoping this'd be the one for me and a stepping stone for 'that dream' I have. I really have to start saving!

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Hey, I was reading the comments again... and I hear that someone is ready to start on July 1st? XD :D XD :D XD


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Ahaha! Thank you so much! ♥

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Good luck!

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Thank you! ♥