zarahjoyce: (Fang disapproves of these shenanigans)
I lol'd ([personal profile] zarahjoyce) wrote2011-06-16 05:30 am
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...okay, just when I was thinking oh god I need something new in my life, I receive word that tomorrow, I'll be discussing my employment terms with this company I applied for. Sweet! I'm so nervous and excited! Hopefully - hopefully - things will turn out well. The company's a huge, huge one - one of the biggest in the country - and I'm hoping that while employed I might be able to find something better while in it. Or do very well in the job I'll be hired for. Whichever, really :D

In other news, I also joined [ profile] narnia20in20. Have you any other 20in20 icon challenges that you might rec me, flist?

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