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Next week! Yay!

Oh hello my original Shinkenger pair!

Hehehe, I have a flashback of Boukenger, the one with the sunken ship. It was also Blue (Souta) and Yellow (Natsuki) who infiltrated an adventure school before. Ugh I miss Boukenger :(

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I liked Souta/Natsuki! There was that episode where Natsuki's all >:( because she found out he had kept spy files on her, then they made up and went skipping off together at the end of the episode *_* So sweet.

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Ahhh! That was ep... 8, I think. Yes I LOVE that episode! ♥ I wished Boukenger fleshed out Souta more.

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I quite like the idea of Ryunosuke/Kotoha! But I haven't been able to really get into it because we haven't had much interaction between the two of them, so I'm excited about next week. :DDD

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Yep! The most they've had, they had to share it with Chiaki, I think. GAH! Looks like Ryu's a teacher, right?