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Top five Sentai OTPs!

5. Jun/Shingo - from Bioman. They have these little moments in the show that are just too cute!

4. Chisato/Kouichirou - from Megaranger. This is just... atfhjnjhyn. They like each other, obviously, but never got together like most sentai couples do. Ugh.

3. Haruka/Takeru - Maskman. Just because. They have so many moments that are just... *sigh*

2. Ryunosuke/Mako/Takeru/Kotoha/Chiaki = OT5. You know why I listed it like this, BECAUSE I CAN'T DECIDE. Damn you Shinkenger!

1. Natsuki/Masumi. Too much love for them. I mean liek woah.

Top favorite... Sixths

5. Genta - "Dozo, Ojou-sama." THAT VOICE. THAT DELIVERY. ♥

4. Eiji - How can anyone not like Eiji? He's all shiny and shimmery in his suit. I loved him in his focus ep with Akashi. Hahaha.

3. Hikaru - OMG. Those dimples are going to be the death of me. *sigh* I know many of you don't like him and Urara but I'm all for them getting together. Hehehe.

2. Miu - Okay, a seventh. BUT! The WINGS are a pair of total win siblings. And Jetras is my favorite engine!

1. Hiroto - There's not enough love in the world. That song! His relationship with Miu! Also, I think I ship him with Saki.

Top five Sentai characters, yellows excluded

5. Sakura - She's one of the two Pinks I really like - the other being Mako. But Sakura made the list because she's just made of so much win - and this coming from someone who automatically dislikes Pinks based on principle!

4. Urara - I really like her because she's the not-pink woman. No, really. I don't know why and I can't explain it. Plus, Urara/Hikaru is ♥

3. Sayaka - from Changeman. Watch the series and you'll see for yourself why XD

2. Masumi - OMG A MAN MAKES IT INTO THE LIST. But I love Masumi because he's the self-appointed bodyguard/protector/brother to Natsuki. I just love their dynamics so much!

1. Ako - In response to the totally beautiful, totally rich, totally worth-fighting-over Kaori - there is Ako. WHO DOES NOT CARE OR IS NOT JEALOUS OF THE FACT THAT THE OTHER GIRL IN THE TEAM IS A TOTAL whoreslutMAN-MAGNET. Her character is just so refreshing in that she totally makes fun of the drama in the team and does not participate in it.

Top 5 PGSM Characters

5. Venus - I like her character in PGSM better than in the anime. I like that she is serious and totally dedicated to the mission, and almost the polar opposite of anime/manga!Minako. Plus, I love her songs in the show.

4. Zoisite - This SOB may be a bit on the unfeeling side but HOLY CRAP ep 35 made me ship him and Venus so, so hard. UGH. DEDICATED SOLDIERS FTW!

3. Kunzite - I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like him. I mean, seriously. Look at that cape! And that flowing locks for hair! Plus, totally smart and snarky and just plain BADASS. And he turned Mercury to an evil version of herself! Total win.

2. Mercury - I've always liked her character everywhere - she's my favorite inner senshi. That said, I totally love her Dark!Mercury plot. Just... guh. I wished she stayed dark all throughout. Hah.

1. Nephrite - You guys, there is a reason I play three different kinds of this character XD You can't watch the series and not pity him and want to hug him so very hard! Plus, he's a total cutie XD

Top five reasons to ship D/Hr!

You know, five years ago I would have given you a million reasons. Bwahaha.

5. Because Ron and Hermione are boring together. No, seriously. I think Hermione needs someone who will at least challenge her in so many ways! Ron is not that man. Sorry, Ron.

4. Because Draco needs to have his ego and pureblooded ways checked. He needs someone to prove him wrong. Who better than the one he feels is inferior to him?

3. Because forbidden love is forbidden! Also, because the... hate!sex is hot? XD

2. Because it's fun to see people who totally hate each other fall in love with their self-proclaimed nemesis. UST, people!

1. Because of the fics. GUH. They're the ones who sealed me in completely in the fandom! Read them and love D/Hr!

Top five harry potter moments

Bookbased answers ahoy!

5. When Harry got his acceptance letter from Hogwarts.

4. When Narcissa told everybody that Harry is dead.

3. When we saw how badly James treated Severus. Aww.

2. When Draco saw Hermione in GOF all dressed-up and he can't even think of any insult to say to her, or something like that. GUH.

1. When Dumbledore died :( The whole funeral was just... :( :( :(

Top Five Reasons to ship Nago/Megumi

5. Because he brought her flowers when she was at the hospital.

4. Because Nago went to the not-date with Megumi instead of Wataru!

3. Because he allowed her to finish Rook. Granted it's after fifty million years, but. Bwahahaha.

2. Because they think they're superior compared to the other one. Oh wait this only affects Nago.

1. Because they always fight. And then they get married at the end! Awww ♥♥ I think this is the first time that the couple I'm rooting for got a canonical happy ending. Which I didn't know was going to happen!

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Hahaha, we're like total opposites when it comes to Pinks.

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Opposites attract, yes? ♥

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I think Hermione needs someone who will at least challenge her in so many ways! Ron is not that man. Sorry, Ron.

Now you're making me think of Ron moping around singing "I'm Not That Girl" from Wicked while Draco swans past with Hermione on his arm ...

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That mental image almost made me feel sorry for

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Awww. Poor Won-Won XP

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Bwahahaha. I LOVE that mental image!

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Thank you thank you thank I agree with all of those answers!

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Hehehe! Thanks for asking them!

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