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Yep, turning my attention on this aspect of LJ that I have NEVER touched before.

So! I'm planning on making my own sentai mood theme; either Boukenger or Shinkenger. I'm planning on the latter, though, because I am obsessed with it. Seriously. Did you know that I found three instances where Kotoha/her suit actress is doing things differently from the others? This is only confirming my belief that she is not who they say she is. ASK ME WHAT! ASK ME WHAT THEY ARE!!! ... but they're probably unimportant anyway :P

Anyway. Either that or... does anyone have a Hana Yori Dango mood theme by any chance? Korean is fine but Japanese is love :D

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Even if I knew how, I'd not have the patience to do a mood theme. Good luck!

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Hahaha thanks. I'm pretty sure I need it. I checked and it seems verrrry complicated :( BUT I WILL NOT BE THWARTED!!!

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I'm thinking of switching up some of the pics from my Kunz/Merc mood theme. XD

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Oooh! How would you do it?

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I'd just be choosing different pics for some of the 'moods'.

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*speaking for my other me*

When doing the moods, you don't have to do every single freakin moods, right? Just the basic ones? And how would you upload them to LJ?

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Ok, go to "customize journal style". The "create/edit mood theme" should be easy to find on that page. I uploaded mine to photobucket for hosting.

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*is excited* Thank you! :D

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welcome ♥

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Ooh good luck! I'd never have the patience to make my own mood theme. Haha XD

HYD moodtheme... Hmm. Here (, here (2nd season) (, here ( or here. Haaaaaaaaaahaha. Saving them in my Memories proves to have use after all. XD (

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Omg thanks so much! I've been trying to find HYD mood themes since yesterday but without success. -_- Thanks again! *saving them in memories too*

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Good luck! It took me forever to make my moodtheme, but then I was anal and had to make a different picture for every single mood. XD

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Hehhehe! I don't think I'd have enough patience to do that! As of now I only plan to make like the most generic of the moods :P

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Oh, I hate making mood themes. Good luck to you with that! :D

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We'll see if I can stomach it :P But I want one so bad! Hehehehe!