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I miss Boukenger. I know, I know, I can watch it anytime I wanted to, but... it's not the same, you know? Is it weird to wish that another episode for this will be made? Hehehe.

Anyways, I wrote two Lobo fics! Go me. Of course, Alec/Gabby!

Alec Aragon was the type of guy who didn't fall for neat-freak brainiacs like Gabrielle Dizon.

He usually liked his women loud, strong, determined, and maybe a bit clumsy - everything that Lyka Raymundo was. She could taunt him and Alec would just smile and shrug it off, knowing that Lyka wouldn't get under his skin because he wouldn't let her.

Gabby, on the other hand, managed not only to get under his skin but to practically live there with her innocent face and her piercing verbal barbs. She with the soft voice that could tear metal if given the chance; she with the sad eyes which never faded from his mind.

He remembered their first encounter. Alec had grabbed her throat and would've choked the life out of her if he hadn't an ulterior motive - that and the fact that her eyes had caught him off guard. They showed no fear even as his fingers pressed firmly on her pulse, so unlike the others who would've bawled their hearts out if they were in her situation.

"I will not be fooled by your beautiful face, Lobo. You're nothing but a monster to me--"

That was Gabby Dizon; willing and able to mock a person she believed to be a cold-blooded murderer.

But that was in the past. He had grown to alternately condemn, tolerate, admire, and be annoyed by her ways. She with the spunk and the determination to put her life at risk just for the sake of the person she loved.

Sometimes, just sometimes, Alec wondered what could Noah Ortega have possibly done in order to obtain the love of two unique, incredulous women. And, even better - he loved one of them back.

That incredibly lucky bastard.

Alec had given up on his love for Lyka as he slowly began to understand that it would go nowhere. He had accepted the fact that he was simply wasting time in loving a person who could not love him back the way he wanted her to.

Gabby, intelligent person as she was, seemed to have a harder time facing the truth. She fought it, every step of the way, until the truth became so blindingly clear that even she could not ignore the fact that Noah was in love with someone else.

Perhaps it was their fate, then. Perhaps they were meant to forever pine for someone unattainable. Perhaps they were to be members of 'The Lonely Hearts' club - as he had coined it - for all eternity.

But then... what if...?

He had began to ponder the moment he went with Noah to infiltrate the mansion and acquire the weapons they needed from Gabby. Alec personally saw how much danger she was putting herself in, and how brave she was in facing it. True, she already told him that she was acting as a spy before that, but seeing her working alone in that house, knowing that Anton could kill her any damn time he pleased...

It struck a chord of deep fear in Alec.

That was why he refused to look at her, did not bother to speak to her during that time. He was afraid that if he did, he would go against everything and whisk her away with him and Noah to where she would be safe.

And that realization made him rethink about absolutely everything.

Alec Aragon was the type of guy who didn't fall for neat-freak brainiacs like Gabrielle Dizon.

...but maybe, just this once, just for her - he would make an exception.

One of my friends over at PEX made it into wallpapers! SWEET!!!!


Alec drove at an insane speed, and Gabby let him. She gripped at her seatbelt until her knuckles were white - the only indication that she was nervous as all hell.

"Do you have any idea where the bomb is, exactly?" His voice was understandably tight.

Gabby shook her head. "I was only able to trace it in the general vicinity of the park. We have to visually locate it ourselves." She checked her watch. "We have less than an hour and a half, Alec. Hurry!"

Alec grunted and suddenly steered the wheel, causing Gabby to have her world turn sideways. "You do know that we can't just run around the place, right? We have to have a cover."

She looked at him. "What do you mean?"

He stole a glance at her. "I'm saying we shouldn't allow others to know that we're looking for a bomb so we could avoid the panic it might cause." Alec stepped on the brakes, spotting an empty parking space. "I'm saying we need to pretend."

Given the situation, Gabby did not even question the wisdom in his suggestion. But there was something to his tone that she couldn't quite like. "Pretend... as what?"

Sending her a wolfish grin, Alec used his inhuman speed and the next thing Gabby knew, he had already opened the door and grabbed her hand. "As lovers," he told her simply.

She raised a brow, but got down from her seat. "Fine. We'll pretend. Just... don't get any ideas," Gabby told him firmly. "No ideas of any kind, Lobo."

"Of course not."

Thirty minutes later, and she was regretting her decision - her hand was already sore from Alec's grip. He was, she found out, fond of squeezing it every now and then. But if they were to avoid arousing public suspicion, then they had to do this. They absolutely had to.

Just to spite him, she squeezed his hand extra hard.

He looked at her and deftly raised a brow.

"We don't have much time left Alec," she whispered to him, low enough that only he could hear. Gabby looked around her, then gave him a false, bright smile.

"We'll find it." He squeezed her hand again, even tapped it with his other hand. He smiled back. "Just be on the lookout."

They came to a place near the pool, and as Alec stopped so did she. Curiously, she found out that his hands were snaking around her waist. Maintaining their cover, she sighed softly and moved hers slowly over his arms - and in the process ignored his sharp intake of breath. She spotted two women giggling, a couple of teenagers eating and--

She felt Alec move closer to her, until she could feel his words: "There. Two guys."

Slowly, surreptitiously she turned until she, too, found what he did. Gabby met Alec's eyes and together, they moved.

Two men, reading newspapers and pretending as though everything was alright in the world. Gabby noted that they sat near a lot of people; if given the chance the bomb would have effectively turned hundreds of innocent people into Anton's slaves. She nodded at Alec, and then saw his movements become a blur; to distract the men she said, loudly, "Um, excuse me--"

The sounds of necks snapping were the next thing she heard.

"Alec..." She gestured towards the other people.

Understanding completely, Alec went to them and shouted, "Everyone, we have an emergency situation... please evacuate the premises. Go! Leave this place! Please evacuate!"

Amidst the terror he caused, Gabby went straight to the suitcase, mentally calculating the risks and the probability of her deactivating it. She felt Alec stand beside her and, together, they opened the case to reveal the bomb inside it.

She swallowed hard, and could hear Alec's shallow breathing.

This was their chance of putting a stop to Anton's plan.

To her relief, the bomb seemed to be a standard-issued one - meaning deactivating it manually was possible. However, the chances of her cutting the wrong wire were even with her chances of choosing the right one. Her fingers shook as the possibilities dawned at her. If she chose the wrong one...

"Are you sure, Gabby?"

She wished she could confidently answer his question. Slowly, Gabby recalled her training and, desperately hoping it was the right choice, cut the yellow wire.

The timer sputtered for a second before ceasing completely.

Blinking, Gabby could only mutter in choked relief, "It... stopped. Alec--"

He was grinning at her so widely his smile could've split his face. "You did it! You did it, Luna!"

Her shock finally giving way to joy, Gabby could only smile back.

They both moved towards the case again, ready to dispose of it, when suddenly...

...the timer roared to life once again.

At first Gabby thought she misheard. It was dead, they both saw it was! She had stopped the bomb; she had chosen the right wire! And yet...

The horror in her realization was reflected on Alec's face.

"The bomb has a second detonator...!"

With shaking hands, Gabby grabbed her tools again and began working. She could've kicked herself for being so complacent; of course Anton would choose to set up the bomb this way! Having a second detonator was his way of making sure his plan would eventually be carried out even if something went wrong. Still, it was her luck that the timer managed to kick in only seconds after it died - that way, she was here to try and stop it.

Alec had become extremely antsy, alternately pacing and checking her work. She would've yelled at him to stop if she had enough time to spare - and she didn't. Still, his presence was a welcomed source of strength for her.

Thirty minutes later, and Gabby wasn't sure that strength was enough.

Alec yelled at her, "We have to go, now! It's too dangerous--"

"No! I'll-- I have to fix this first!" she yelled back.

Gabby couldn't leave; not just yet. She knew she had to tell Alec to go so at least one of them could be saved, but selfishly she kept her mouth shut.

She didn't want to be alone. Not this time.

"Gabby!" His voice betraying his frustration and anger, Alec reached for her arm. "Stop trying! We have to go--"

"Alec--" Two more minutes, she wanted to scream. Two more minutes and she'll--

Then something immediately caught her attention.

"It... stopped." She dared not to raise her hopes up, just in case...

"It did?" Alec said.

They both waited for the timer to restart, just like the last time.

It didn't.

Stunned and overjoyed, Gabby immediately leapt into Alec's arms, almost hysterical with relief. He held her tight against him, and she felt him brush his fingers through her hair. She closed her eyes and savored the fact that, somehow, they had a part in stopping Anton's plan.

"You did it, Luna," he repeated softly, his mouth very near her ear.

Gabby drew away from him, ignoring the goosebumps which raced on her skin when he did that. "What do you mean I did it?" she said, laughing. "This is no time to be modest, Alec. It doesn't suit you at all." She punched him in the arm. "We did it."

He smiled at her, and something in Gabby lurched uncomfortably. However that, too, was ignored. "Well, if you say so," he said.

She raised a brow. "I do."

Alec chuckled, then focused his gaze on the bomb. Quickly, he closed the case and held it to his side. "You do know what this means, right?"

"What does it mean?" Gabby crossed her arms.

"Ce-le-bra-tion," he enunciated. Grinning up at the sky, then at her, he said, "I say we should celebrate the fact that we, and the rest of the human population, were saved by... well, us." He winked at her.

"And I say you should call the others to tell them the good news," she pointed out. "It'll be unfair for us to be happy like this while they're sick with worry, don't you think?"

"I do," he replied, with the carefree tone she was becoming familiar with. "But there's no reason why we can't do both at the same time, right? What do you say? Just name the place, and we'll go there. My treat, even."

"Your treat, huh? Tempting." Gabby caught herself from giggling when Alec performed a flip in front of her. "Would you stop?" He only smirked at her before doing it again. "I said--all right! All right, yes, fine, we'll celebrate!"

"That's what I wanted to hear!" He threw his free hand over her shoulders. "So, where to? Bar, restaurant... your place? Mine?"

"My place," she told him firmly. When he grinned at her - somewhat maliciously, she noted - Gabby was quick to tell him, "I'm in the mood for some coffee. Only coffee, mind you."

“Of course,” Alec said.


I'm writing again! Yeee!! Now, if only I can focus my attention on TCoDM....!!