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(no subject) for some reason I'm receiving a virtual gift to most of my RP accounts from an anonymous sender. While I'm beside myself with joy, I have to wonder if this is some sort of a glitch though, sob.

ALSO, HI. I haven't updated in a looooong while because of a lot of stuff, but how are you, flist? I hope you're all doing great!

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Well, if someone is actually sending you gifts, I wouldn't be surprised. It's no news for us that you do bring these characters to life :D

I'm doing okay, just sort of overwhelmed with a bunch of stuff. Miss you and our comment exchanges :P

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Oh you! ♥ Apparently there was a fluke with the V-gifts thing which was supposed to be free only to paid/permanent account holders, and people got crazy with sending them, hehe. Still cool, though!

We're on the same boat, then! Work is insane but fun too. I miss talking about sentai, sob.

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Heh, that's quite an interesting thing that happened there. I wouldn't mind gifts involving having more icon slots, LOL!

I'm glad that, insaneness aside, you're enjoying yourself :D :D :D And being busy aside, we can always talk about sentai, even if at a slower speed, hehe.

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Sob, me too! There's the trick where you get the trial period, upload the extra icon slots, and when the period expires the icons remain with you. You should try that! :D

That we can! ♥

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I know a few of them were from me. I can't vouch for the rest, but you shouldn't be surprised that people want to send you things! You're awesome.

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Aww! Thank you so much! ♥ ♥ ♥