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1. We just came from the airport today for my mom's flight to San Francisco - and as usual I was bawling my eyes out by the time she headed inside the terminal :( I know she'll only be gone for a few months but I can't help it! My mom's my other best friend in the whole world (the other being my sister) so it's hard to not see her everyday. Plus I'm worried because this'll be her first long trip alone; usually she goes to the States with someone else, like me or my dad or my brother. I'm praying fervently that she'll get there safely.

2. My Faramir icons bagged a lot of stuff from the recently concluded [ profile] lotr20in20! My two sets won 2nd place on both AC and Category, plus some individual icons nabbed second-fifth places overall, and my entries for Community, Lost, Green, Levels, and Emotion won, too! Sweet. [ profile] narnia20in20 just posted its rules for this round, and Susan Pevensie is my claim for that, whereas Boromir is my claim for the next round of [ profile] lotr20in20. Wish me luck!

3. I'm reading pocketbooks again! It's been a very long time since I read anything historical romance - I should've known Mary Balogh will pick me up from that slump, hehe.

4. Sob, Akashi on Gokaiger next week! I haven't been watching the past few eps but I'll definitely watch next week's because FUCK YEAH BOUKENGER TRIBUTE. WOOHOO!

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Congrats for your icons.

Boukenger?! Yay, that was my first Sentai and is still one of my faves. Definately looking forward to that. I'm with you though on not watching the eps recently, I mean there's been 3 Gai episodes in a row. I personally think that's a bit much. But defiantely looking forward to next weeks.

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Thank you :D

Haha! Well, it's the standard introduce-the-sixth-guy arc, so I think that's to be expected. But yes! If there's anyone who can get me back to watching the show it'll definitely be any of the Boukengers.

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You are so sweet. I'm sure you mum will be absolutely fine. And she's only a phone call away!

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She is, thank you! She'd just messaged us to say that the plane landed safely and she's now with my sister and her babies. I sometimes feel so childish for crying but, eh, what can I do. I just turn to a blubbering mess whenever someone leaves!

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I'd have been exactly the same. Especially if there were babies involved. Christmas must seem so far away!

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It does! I've never looked forward to anything more than I'm looking forward to this Christmas. It's going to be so fun!

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I'll be watching the subbed ep when it comes out, BUT HELL YES, CHIEFUUUUUU, YOU'RE BACK IT'S ABOUT TIME :D

Hope he has some interaction with Ahim :)


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:D :D I haven't watched it yet, sob - I think I'll just wait for the subs too.