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1. MY SISTER JUST GAVE BIRTH TO A HEALTHY BABY BOY! Lucas Riley is just. Gah, I wish I could give him a kiss already, but alas I would have to wait until Christmas before I could hold him, sob. But yeah! Such wonderful news to us all!

2. UGH. I feel like I haven't been online for the past... ever. My Plurk and Tumblr feels sorely neglected already! RP buddies, sorry for the late tags and I seriously think it'll be that way for quite a long time in the future - but know that I'll get to them eventually D:

3. My goal now is to stay in this job for as long as possible. I need something constant in my life, damnit, and at this point I really need to be at one place of work far longer than one year. Hopefully by the time that period is done either I will become a regular at the job or I can find something better - but within the same company.

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Congrats to your sister!

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♥ Thanks!

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Congratulations! \o/

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That is great news; shame you can't seem him for so long, but by then he will be easier to cuddle with I think.

That sounds like a good work plan. Good luck with it!

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That's true! And he won't be so tiny that I'll be afraid to hold him :D

♥ Thank you :D I just... need to always think positively and be brave, for once.

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Congratulations to your sister :) And I love that name, Lucas is near the top for what I want to name a boy :D


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Heehee, thank you! :D