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1. First day of job went well. Actually, I didn't really do anything except watch TV the whole day, though I would have to do an analysis of three shows later on. I'm told that there would be a crapload of work in later months, but as long as I am paid for the extra work, I'm cool with it. Commuting is a breeze since technically I'm only two rides away from the office, and I don't even have to pay for one of the trips, hehe. Also, my work starts at 9 so at least I won't have to wake up extremely early or anything like that. A gripe of mine is that we don't have access to the internet from our computers! So I would have to wait until I get home to check my personal mail and surf sites and do the stuff I've been doing for the past few months. I could bring my own laptop and connect to the free wifi at the lobby, but man what a hassle that would be.

2. A lot of my coworkers are younger than me, and I would have to get used to being called 'Ate Zarah' which is... yeah, not liking it thank you. Later on I'll tell them to drop it, gah. In fairness though, one of them told me that I don't look my age. Awesome.

3. I dropped Kingdom of Hearts: Birth by Sleep after getting to the second chapter because... yeah, got bored with doing the same thing over and over again. I am playing FFI though, which I found entertaining, hehe. I played FFII before but I didn't finish it because I hated leveling up spells - good thing FFI was simpler than that!

ETA: I actually had a reason for posting and I forgot about it - but here it is. I don't get people who judge other people for liking/knowing/preferring one medium over the other. Who the fuck cares about it? What can you do if people found the movie or book more likable than the other? Medium elitists annoy the crap out of me and if they judge other people then I judge them for judging other people. Jeez.

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As first days go, I'd say that one sounds brilliant. I'm glad it's going so well for you.

(And totally with you when it comes to medium elitists. What is the point?)

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I'm hoping it'll go well for as long as it could!

--yes, exactly. It's not the first time I've encountered people like that and I think it's just stupid. Ugh.