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But first! [ profile] etapa and [ profile] ice_cobalt , I'm definitely working on the fics. They are just... taking longer than usual, sorry! ♥

and now for the meme. )

Also, if you have suggestions on where else I could play these characters... I'm all ears. Or eyes. Whichever.
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my thread
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my thread
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Spent most of last night reading Shinkenger's Crowning Moments of Awesome TV Tropes page and then watching the episodes where said crowning moments of awesome occurred. I realized that I missed like several of Shinkenger's episodes towards the latter part of its arc and I'm so glad I rediscovered them because they are awesome. Oh Shinkenger, how much do I love thee let me count the ways. This may or may not be related to my Jii application ffff I'm nervous for Friday agggggggh I really should work on that again.

Which brings me to Goseiger. I dropped this series entirely and only watched episodes which are about Moune, but I am rediscovering that this show is quirky and charming in its own special way. This is most probably because I love, love, love the epic brother-sister romancerelationship between Agri and Moune, and I am a sucker for sibling interactions (see GoGoV, Fiveman, and Magiranger). Also, because while I was mostly annoyed at Alata and Eri at the beginning of the series, I quickly found out that they are just too adorable for words. Epic 35, I blame you for this. And Hyde! Well, I've always loved Hyde, so :D :D :D

ALSO! Amy Farrah Fowler's going to a regular character for this season! I am pleased about this. Then again, I feel like there's only so few people who actually likes her, and that makes me sad. Oh TBBT fandom, why the hate for Amy Farrah Fowler?
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...why is it so hard to find Amy Farrah Fowler icons? Why? Why?

EDITED TO ADD: Do you guys know what to do when you install a game, but then you can't run it because of the error "Application load error 5:0000065434"? Google wasn't of any help.

...ugh, this should teach me that I have no luck at all in installing games, ever.


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