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RP Characters round-up

Cordelia ChaseCordelia Chase (BtVS)Illyria
DarlaHarmony KendallDrusilla
JasmineCharles GunnLorne
Piper HalliwellKyraEvelyn Carnahan
ÉowynDenethor IIGríma
MerryTheoden KingSusan Pevensie
Emily CharltonWill SchuesterAmy Farrah Fowler
Draco MalfoyElizabeth DelgadoIkenami Ryuunosuke
Hanaori KotohaKusakabe HikomaMamiya Natsuki
Nishihori SakuraLuka MillfyAhim de Famille
HakaseBasco ta JolokiaMoune
Nephrite (OU)Nephrite (Human)Nephrite (AU)
Jadeite (AU)

For [ profile] hmd_me posts, [ profile] rplovelovememe threads and the like:

@ [ profile] dramadramaduck :

The Lord of the Rings | - Éowyn [ profile] womanofvalor

Tensou Sentai Goseiger | - Moune [ profile] goseiyellow

Angel | - Darla [ profile] suchprettyscars

The Devil Wears Prada | - Emily Charlton [ profile] firstassistant

homeless forever, @ [ profile] dear_mun occasionally:

[ profile] glowingseer - Cordelia Chase
[ profile] revivedqueen - Illyria
[ profile] totallyharmless - Harmony Kendall

Big Bang Theory
[ profile] pragmaticthing - Amy Farrah Fowler

[ profile] freezecharm - Piper Halliwell

[ profile] acafellow - Will Schuester

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
[ profile] freejoker  -  Basco ta Jolokia

The Chronicles of Narnia
[ profile] ofthehorn  -
Susan Pevensie

The Lord of the Rings
[ profile] ednew - Théoden
[ profile] pyreof - Denethor II
[ profile] wyrmtunge - Gríma
[ profile] masterholbytla - Merry

Full list of characters can be found here.

Almost all character journals have their own HMDs, but if you wish to give crit, you may do so here! Comments are screened.

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