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Title: Recall
Adult!ToQgers are the best, yo. Also this is just an exercise at writing ToQger and Hikari/Mio again; let's see where this takes me. Idk. I just can't stop thinking how they'd be like as adults, or them talking like boring adults. IDEK WHAT THIS IS.

Takes place before the ToQger movie.

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Summary: Fifteen truths about Hikari and Mio. More speculations on their origins and some slight spoilers for ep 28.

Response to requests for Hikari/Mio.

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Summary: Fifteen truths about Tokatti and his crush on Mio.

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Rating: G
Summary: "Look! Look down there," Mio said, and he did, and his nerves were quick to remind him just how much he loathed heights.

Besides, Hikari reasoned that he could always close his eyes to avoid seeing how high they'd go and just how low they'd descend to )
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Rating: G
Out of the five of them, it seemed that only they were grounded enough to be bothered with worries every now and then. But, whereas Hikari only shrugged off his concerns most of the time, she allowed them to be her burden because the others didn't.

If you can't read with all the ruckus, how do you expect me to just sleep through it? )
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Summary: In retrospect, she probably saw that he needed a friend even before he realized it; that’s just how Mio operated.

Rating: G

Notes: and then no one was surprised I actually wrote about them SOB


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