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You know what's weird?

When I try to do a bit of canon review for both Cordy and Illyria and actually watch the seasons they were in, I find out that I can't get and hear their voices as clearly as I did afterward.

Please tell me I'm not the only one?

Awww, man. I love Season Three. Well, at least the first half of it - probably until Waiting in the Wings and before the whole Groo thing. It's just... I don't know. The group was as tightly bonded as ever and as a watcher? You feel that. That the five of them were like a family. You know, before all things went to hell.

Usually I only watch Heartthrob, That Vision Thing, Billy, Birthday and Waiting in the Wings when I pop in my dvds. Now that I'm watching the others, I'm remembering how much I loved That Old Gang of Mine, Carpe Noctem, and Fredless. I guess that last one was even very, very bittersweet since Fred could've gone home and avoided the whole Illyria thing that happens in Season Five. And knowing what's going to happen to each and one of them at the end? T___T My heart goes out to Wesley and Cordelia. The last one - obviously. But Wesley is... I don't know. His personal hell that he faced - alone - and his journey that only lead to Fred's death and his own is very, very heartbreaking.

God, I love Angel. And it's great to rediscover the fandom and the fact that the A/C ship is still alive and floating after... what, 5 - 6 years after Cordy's death? I find myself having a hankering for fics that are post You're Welcome, just because I feel like I was robbed of the chance to see Angel grieve for a very dear loved one.

Oh! I may be the only one in the entire universe, but I love watching my favorite character suffer. Sadist much? XD I don't know. I mean in sentai, particularly Bioman, Boukenger and Shinkenger, I love seeing my yellow girls go through difficult things. The fact that, looking back, Cordelia's gotten hurt, kidnapped, targeted, bodyjacked and then finally killed? Not lost on me.

Oooh! Since I didn't have Season Four, I went on and read the scripts. I think I remember enough that afterward I felt like I watched the show? Anyway. Maaaaaan. I know a lot of people hated what happened in that hellhole of a season, but... I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that I'm reading it and not watching it, but... I've discovered that Season Four appealed to me. It's so weird. Plus points because there's Faith and a bit of Faith/Wesley and Angelus and Darla, a million minus points for sending Cordelia into a coma, but... am I the only one, people, who kinda liked it for the twisted season that it was?

Another fun thing? You get to notice editing flaws/mistakes/fluffs. Like, voice-overs without the actors opening their mouths, changes in camera angles where the actors will have adopted a new pose in a split-second... hah. It's fun :D

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