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She pushes the fruit in his hands, all the while insisting how important it is for him to be well-nourished during their journeys, and for a wild second he's agog at the thought that someone is actually concerned about his well-being -- him, good-for-nothing Yuri Lowell--


She sits quietly in front of the tree, writing, daydreaming about the past, present, future - and quite suddenly he's beside her and she screams because most of her thoughts are of him and how is it that they can summon him like this? Can she always do that? What if--


They are walking alongside each other and talking about nothing and everything in between when his hand brushes hers once, twice; she glances at him and giggles before quite resolutely lacing their fingers together.


Belatedly she realizes that it's raining and, oh, she's wearing her best, most pristine gown; but he's laughing and calling her name and reaching for her hand and she thinks yes, yes of course I'll come, don't be silly Yuri! 


He watches her waltz with some dignitary from a foreign land and tries his damnedest to look disinterested; the Captain nudges him knowingly and he swats the offending shoulder away before stalking the hell out of the castle.
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Jabi could only stare at Tsubasa, flabbergasted.

Tsubasa, meanwhile, kept his chin up and met her eyes steadily, despite the persistent twitching at the corner of his mouth.

"Did... did you just...?" The normally poised Makai Priestess was suddenly grasping for words. But it didn't take her too long to finally ask, "Did you just compliment my legs?"

He crossed his arms and, as it was certainly possible, his frown even became fiercer than before.

Other beings would have trembled in his presence, now.

Except her. Never her.

She just stood there, her mouth agape, waiting for him to formulate the words which seemed stuck in his throat.

"They are long," he said. "And... shapely."

Jabi suddenly wondered how many womanly legs Tsubasa had already seen to deem hers shapely.

Of course they were, but that's not the point.

She squinted at him, and to his everlasting credit, he didn't squirm. Not this Makai Knight.

"I was just telling the truth," he said, sounding defensive now.

She chuckled, despite everything. "I know. I just thought it odd, coming from you."

To her surprise, he seemed to take offense at that. He crossed his arms and glared at her. "I suppose you prefer the compliment to come from other men."

"No," she replied, fighting to remain calm at the face of his words - which shouldn't even mean anything, but did. Jabi smiled at him. "Let's just say I was surprised to hear you say something positive about me, for once."

He straightened himself. "If you want me to apologize for all the things I have said in the past--"

Now he was apologizing? The world must be ending. Jabi raised a brow at him and blurted out, partly in jest and partly because she was thinking what is even going on here, "Are you, by any chance... flirting with me?"

That made him gape at her. If he'd been at a loss for words before, he seemed to be gasping for breath now.

Well, damn. Maybe he was flirting with her, in his own way.

Taking pity on her poor, proud and sheltered Knight, Jabi placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed. "Don't worry. I'll teach you the fine arts of seduction soon enough."

Tsubasa's scowl became darker, and soon he was turning on his heel and deserting her without another word.

Jabi sighed.

Looks like Rin's not the only one needing her tutelage, after all.
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Summary: Gransazer fic about my favorite character and favorite tribe yuhhhs although this is just a sorry excuse to write slight Akira/Ryoko, unrequited Jin/Ryoko, and Naoto/Ryoko. Takes place in indefinite periods along the season's progression.

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Summary: Nejiten drabbles from A to Z.
Notes: Figures I'll write for this fandom when it's officially over.

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Summary: Probably post ep 24 and heavy spoilers for ep 26.

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Summary: "'i don't kiss people i don't like.' so that means... you must like me, right?" Scenarios about Hikaru and Urara. Slight spoilers from ep 19 upwards.

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Summary: Fifteen truths about Hikari and Mio. More speculations on their origins and some slight spoilers for ep 28.

Response to requests for Hikari/Mio.

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Summary: Fifteen truths about Tokatti and his crush on Mio.

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Summary: "To be bereft of her again is unthinkable." Fifteen truths about Kaito and Mai.

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