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First off:

Narnia Fic Writing Prompts!
ever want anything narnia-related written for you? post your prompts here! any and all prompts are welcomed.

Second of all - I feel as though everyone's moving away from LJ, which makes me really sad. Granted, I haven't been using its services much more beyond RP-ing, and the changes they've implemented somewhat makes playing a bit more... strenuous, so. It's just that I've been so comfortable here, idk.

last but not the least:

May the joys of the season be with you and your family for always ♥

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My feelings exactly. I have no particular attachment to livejournal, but I'm familiar with it and comfortable with it and moving is going to be a pain in he neck.
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Isn't it? Sometimes I feel like so many people are exaggerating, even if I do get that their point is valid. But I've always been quite resistant to change and LJ's been part of my routine for years and changing all that is just. Tiring, I guess.

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It isn't the changes that I have a problem with. Some of them are annoying rather than useful, yes, but I'd get use to them. I just hate the way that livejournal has treated the userbase since this started.

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Ugh, yes. It is frustrating to read about all that - I think I've yet to find a company that insults its customers better than LJ :\

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I'm still around, checking the f-list everyday. But yeah, I think I know your feeling. Most of the friends, we have been communicatimg through facebook, and I have been using the Korean Naver blog, as well. I still love LJ and I try to update whenever I can, though sometimes, I admit that I don't really know what to say, haha.

Happy holidays to you, too, lady! God bless you always!

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Same here! Which is weird because I never run out of things to rant about, haha.

♥ I hope you enjoy the day!

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Merry Christmas to you and yours!

I have felt the same about LJ, but since I mainly use it for fandom, it is still "active enough" for me.

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Exactly! That's what I'm holding on to, hehehe :D

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Merry Christmas!! I have a Dreamwidth account that I never use. But this isn't the first time there've been tons of people threatening to leave LJ, so I got it awhile ago. It's there for me just in case. If you do get an account over there, please "subscribe/grant access" to me. :)

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That is still a gorgeous icon of WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN OHGOD.

Will do! ♥ Although what's your username there? Mine's zarahjoyce.
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I know!!!! *sniff* I'm damnskippy. I've added you!

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Yus thank you! ♥

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Maligayang Pasko, Zarah! :-D

I get why people are moving away, but at the same time, I don't get it. We aren't really here for the comment pages, are we? We're here for the friends. As long as my friends are here and unless they make the move with me, I'm staying.

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Maligayang Pasko din sa yo! ♥

I think most of those who are moving are doing so because LJ's made it difficult to play RP/maintain fandom communities here? Idk.