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Okay so I've just been literally going over my old, old, old threads (specifically at taxon) and I just

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...I've finally watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Suffice to say I found it much, much more enjoyable than the sixth movie :D


The How's My Driving? Meme

All kinds of concrit are welcomed and appreciated :D
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The good news is that the weather seems to have calmed down significantly. Our province hasn't been affected much although there was a bit of flooding yesterday. Thank you very much for your kind thoughts, flist, I really appreciated them ♥

The bad news is that the typhoon still caused so much destruction and it's just devastating, especially to those who live up north, as they've been hit the hardest. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

In other less serious/distressing news - my RP issues, let me show you them. It's a good thing I called a hiatus at Taxon and that I'm already finished with the two activities needed at Elegy City because despite the surge of activity that I did this weekend everywhere, now? My RP mojo's gone again. GDI. And with the plot at Taxon coming I'm just... ugh. Please let this be a temporary thing. it doesn't help that my one active muse is the one i'm not playing anywhere. will schuester, why are you so loud right now?

In the meantime, I've been watching a lot of documentaries about the solar system and the individual planets. This reminds me of the time when I really, really wanted to be an astronomer when I grow up. It's also the time when I wanted to be a paleontologist and a ballerina. Childhood dreams, why didn't I achieve any of you?
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We went to the cremation of the remains of my high school friend yesterday. Her death came as a surprise to me, but what was even more shocking was the fact that she was horribly sick and none of us, her high school friends, were aware of this fact. It was disheartening to know that we weren't even there to offer her our support and love when she was suffering through her illness. At the same time, it was inspiring how tough she had been at the face of death and how valiant she fought to keep living - imagine being resuscitated twelve times, her body responding to every CPR and getting revived - until it no longer could.

Rest in peace, Stella. You're my personal hero.


On a semi-related note, it seems like I've hit a serious lag in terms of RP-ing. I'm sitting here, staring at my tags and just... I can't. The motivation to do anything related to it is just not there, although hopefully this will get resolved very soon. Sorry guys.
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Continuing the happy trend my posts seem to have developed lately:

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...huh. Okay, that's new - I just received spam mail from my own yahoo account. Weird.

Last night I get to watch Up for the first time. OHMYGOD that movie. What made it all the more epic was that Christopher Plummer voiced the bad guy ♥ I might watch The Hangover later, although I really do need to rewatch The Mummy, too, if I am serious about apping Evie at [ profile] taxonomites. Then there's the three tapes I need to listen to if I want to hand in something work-related tomorrow and omg why am I not yet doing any of this again :|

IN OTHER NEWS, my nephew can speak now! Just bits and pieces here and there, and thank you Skype for your ability to bridge countries :D
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as usual i am late to the table but i might have a few scraps left

...idek. I'm just so, so pleased right now ♥

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/glees forever


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