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53 icons total

15 Lord of the Rings
38 Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (Ep 5/6)

i enjoyed this ep very much! )
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In before ushering in a New Year!

Hosted by Hosted by Hosted by

a few more this way! )
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I just needed to get these out of my system. )

...Also, the teaser for the PR adaptation of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (Power Rangers Samurai) is already out and I have mixed feelings about it :( See the clip here.
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...because I'm in the mood for Kiva-lovin'!

It's sad. I used to write for my fandoms. Now I just make icons. Hehehe! BUT! I will write for Megumi/Sano of Kiva, mark my words! I'm a sucker for a hate-hate relationship!

...and I know my tag's all wrong (because this is TOKU not SENTAI you say!).

001 002 003

14 Megumi/Nago icons this way please! )
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Since I am an icon-making whore (who is still learning the intricacies of making icons!), I have decided to dump all my made icons into one huge post, just so I won't clog up your f-list because there's a HUGE possibility of me doing icons everyday :X

Icons under their respective cuts.

01 02 03 Task 27 )

01 02 03 Task 34. )

01 02 03 Task 33. )

01 02 23 Task 14 )

01 02 03Maskman icons )

I'm still learning, so any constructive criticism will be highly valued :D

- Please credit when taking icons; some can be used as bases IF you ask.
- Resources and credits for textures used are found here
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In which I shall refer you to the second post in my journal for teh icons )

Also! I've recently finished two of my 10 Dramione prompts for [ profile] 10_themes. Will post the first one because the ending of the second one made me go EHHHHK.

This cut will lead you to the scene where Draco's a bit greedy. )


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