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I have a job interview later! I... will be nervous in approximately five hours since it's scheduled at 1 PM and it's only 8 AM hnnnng.

Also, to my friends who are in Hurricane Sandy's way - take care and be safe!
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First off:

Narnia Fic Writing Prompts!
ever want anything narnia-related written for you? post your prompts here! any and all prompts are welcomed.

Second of all - I feel as though everyone's moving away from LJ, which makes me really sad. Granted, I haven't been using its services much more beyond RP-ing, and the changes they've implemented somewhat makes playing a bit more... strenuous, so. It's just that I've been so comfortable here, idk.

last but not the least:

May the joys of the season be with you and your family for always ♥
zarahjoyce: (angel investigations) for some reason I'm receiving a virtual gift to most of my RP accounts from an anonymous sender. While I'm beside myself with joy, I have to wonder if this is some sort of a glitch though, sob.

ALSO, HI. I haven't updated in a looooong while because of a lot of stuff, but how are you, flist? I hope you're all doing great!
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The last two typhoons that ravaged our country ended up severing my internet connection, which... isn't really a big deal compared to what most people in our province faced. I guess I'm still lucky that the typhoon ended up only partially taking away what I can actually live without.

ANYWAY. I'm late, I don't care, but:

rp love meme
hmd meme

also, pics of my two current sentai otpppppppppps. ilu tumblr! )
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I was browsing through ATP and if I'm not mistaken, not a single LOTR character is being offered. SIGH.

Also, Plants vs. Zombies Y SO ADDICTIVE. I realize I'm like a decade late in appreciating this game but. Cattails is ♥

Also also I am procrastinating like mad. There's this work I have to do (a report, really) that I've been putting off since yesterday - but there's so many other more fun things to do, sob. Story of my life :(
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1. Friday will be my first-month-at-new-work anniversary! We haven't been doing much, but I've been told repeatedly and by so many different people that the crunch starts at the second month, so I'm psyching myself for that. Last week I observed how a group discussion works and how a facilitator handles it, and one day that'll be me. I'm excited and nervous about it!

2. Watched Goseiger's Last Epic. I didn't realize how much I missed seeing them in action until now! I think the only Goseiger eps I haven't watched are the movie itself and the team-up with Gokaiger. This one was... okay I guess. The first half was really fun, though the way it was resolved was typically too fast, sob. Oh well!

3. I'm so obsessed with this one local show it's insane. I haven't been this hooked since... four years ago, I think? It helps that a lot of people are hooked as well, and tumblr is my salvation for when I need a fix - which is often, hehe.

4. I miss having time to RP. I miss having motivation to RP even more. Nowadays I feel like I only have the weekends to play, and sometimes even then I don't feel the burning need to do it like before. I'm grateful [ profile] dramadramaduck is lax and welcoming and people backtag a lot, because I feel like that's the only way I can still play, as I am far from wanting to OMG DROP EVERYTHING.

...this doesn't mean I'll stop looking for castmates, though. I WANT GOSEIGERS AND LORD OF THE RINGS AND DEVIL WEARS PRADA PEOPLE, DAMNIT.
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So, last night was insane. This huge mall had a sale and being that it's been ages since I went there during a sale, I just had to go there. I've been dying to buy a dress for no apparent reason - and I bought one at 50% off! I couldn't believe my luck. And since I was willing to buy that dress even at full price, I spent the rest of the money buying books - and I got 5 of them.

I thought it was such a wonderful way to spend a Friday, and I was looking forward to reading and/or doing my usual things with my computer.

...of course, that was when a freakin' bus hit our car.

It was a minor accident, and I was thanking God profusely because it could have been much, much worse. None of us was hurt, and the car had a sizable dent at the side because of the accident. I was actually pitying the bus driver and since it's his fault we got hit, any damages paid to us will be taken from his salary :(

And now, for something unrelated:

How's my driving?


my thread
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1. We just came from the airport today for my mom's flight to San Francisco - and as usual I was bawling my eyes out by the time she headed inside the terminal :( I know she'll only be gone for a few months but I can't help it! My mom's my other best friend in the whole world (the other being my sister) so it's hard to not see her everyday. Plus I'm worried because this'll be her first long trip alone; usually she goes to the States with someone else, like me or my dad or my brother. I'm praying fervently that she'll get there safely.

2. My Faramir icons bagged a lot of stuff from the recently concluded [ profile] lotr20in20! My two sets won 2nd place on both AC and Category, plus some individual icons nabbed second-fifth places overall, and my entries for Community, Lost, Green, Levels, and Emotion won, too! Sweet. [ profile] narnia20in20 just posted its rules for this round, and Susan Pevensie is my claim for that, whereas Boromir is my claim for the next round of [ profile] lotr20in20. Wish me luck!

3. I'm reading pocketbooks again! It's been a very long time since I read anything historical romance - I should've known Mary Balogh will pick me up from that slump, hehe.

4. Sob, Akashi on Gokaiger next week! I haven't been watching the past few eps but I'll definitely watch next week's because FUCK YEAH BOUKENGER TRIBUTE. WOOHOO!
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1. MY SISTER JUST GAVE BIRTH TO A HEALTHY BABY BOY! Lucas Riley is just. Gah, I wish I could give him a kiss already, but alas I would have to wait until Christmas before I could hold him, sob. But yeah! Such wonderful news to us all!

2. UGH. I feel like I haven't been online for the past... ever. My Plurk and Tumblr feels sorely neglected already! RP buddies, sorry for the late tags and I seriously think it'll be that way for quite a long time in the future - but know that I'll get to them eventually D:

3. My goal now is to stay in this job for as long as possible. I need something constant in my life, damnit, and at this point I really need to be at one place of work far longer than one year. Hopefully by the time that period is done either I will become a regular at the job or I can find something better - but within the same company.
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1. First day of job went well. Actually, I didn't really do anything except watch TV the whole day, though I would have to do an analysis of three shows later on. I'm told that there would be a crapload of work in later months, but as long as I am paid for the extra work, I'm cool with it. Commuting is a breeze since technically I'm only two rides away from the office, and I don't even have to pay for one of the trips, hehe. Also, my work starts at 9 so at least I won't have to wake up extremely early or anything like that. A gripe of mine is that we don't have access to the internet from our computers! So I would have to wait until I get home to check my personal mail and surf sites and do the stuff I've been doing for the past few months. I could bring my own laptop and connect to the free wifi at the lobby, but man what a hassle that would be.

2. A lot of my coworkers are younger than me, and I would have to get used to being called 'Ate Zarah' which is... yeah, not liking it thank you. Later on I'll tell them to drop it, gah. In fairness though, one of them told me that I don't look my age. Awesome.

3. I dropped Kingdom of Hearts: Birth by Sleep after getting to the second chapter because... yeah, got bored with doing the same thing over and over again. I am playing FFI though, which I found entertaining, hehe. I played FFII before but I didn't finish it because I hated leveling up spells - good thing FFI was simpler than that!

ETA: I actually had a reason for posting and I forgot about it - but here it is. I don't get people who judge other people for liking/knowing/preferring one medium over the other. Who the fuck cares about it? What can you do if people found the movie or book more likable than the other? Medium elitists annoy the crap out of me and if they judge other people then I judge them for judging other people. Jeez.
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Yesterday afternoon floods actually entered our house again, something that didn't happen since Ondoy ravaged our country last 2009. Thankfully it didn't last long, and our house had two floors, so at least we have somewhere to be and sleep in for the night. It doesn't mean that we didn't get nervous and anxious about all our furniture getting wet, however, and we spent a lot of time hauling things to the upper parts of our house :(

Although to be honest, even if we were affected by the floods it is not as bad as some people get to experience. Most of the folks in other places were forcefully evacuated to schools and gymnasiums and basketball courts. Most people in the Mindanao areas have very little to eat and need to rely on help coming from the government in order to survive. Our situation was bad, but it could have been way, way worse I guess.
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Dear rain/typhoon/sucky weather:

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1. It's been raining like insane these past few days and, as our place is flood-prone, I've been sleeping very late since I want to know when and if the water will enter our house, and I want to alert everyone once it happens. The water was in our garage from Sunday until last night, and thankfully when I woke up this morning it was gone. I'm kinda worried though since there's another typhoon in our country supposedly coming in today :\

2. I've been playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep non-stop since Friday. This helps me with my worries about the flood, plus it's super fun! I've been dying to play a new RPG since I finished FFXIII ages ago, and this was perfect. It's also been the reason I haven't been online that often, except for consulting walkthroughs - both my Tumblr and Plurk feel neglected already. I tried playing Dissidia before this one but I don't like it that much.

3. I start working on July 1! I kinda doubt I'll be able to save since the pay is a bit low, but I'm hoping it will open new possibilities for me in the future, be it in the same company or in the same field. I'm planning on sleeping a lot before I start, though! Sleeping and generally being lazy all around :P

4. Mom's leaving for the States on July 10, in time for my sister's giving birth! July's going to be a very interesting month for my family.

5. I reserved both Susan Pevensie and Emily Charlton at DDD but I don't think I can app any of them :( Oh, well. I'll see what my work schedule will be like, and then make a decision if I want to app a fourth character or not.
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...okay, just when I was thinking oh god I need something new in my life, I receive word that tomorrow, I'll be discussing my employment terms with this company I applied for. Sweet! I'm so nervous and excited! Hopefully - hopefully - things will turn out well. The company's a huge, huge one - one of the biggest in the country - and I'm hoping that while employed I might be able to find something better while in it. Or do very well in the job I'll be hired for. Whichever, really :D

In other news, I also joined [ profile] narnia20in20. Have you any other 20in20 icon challenges that you might rec me, flist?
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Ever had one of those days when you just... want to throw everything away?

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Apr. 23rd, 2011 09:22 am
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Yesssss I did it! Unsurprisingly, I was unable to do anything on my to-do-list because I got hit with an ill-timed cold last Thursday that lasted until Saturday night :\ Bummer.

I shall have to answer all my tags tomorrow morning, as it is already past midnight here but I want to know: WHAT DID I MISS?
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It's Holy Week already! What even. It seems only days ago that we were celebrating Christmas, and now it's Lent! Time, why you fly so fast?

And so I've come to ask you to help me, flist! Come Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Black Saturday I'll be completely off the internet. I'm already planning on re-reading at least three books and marathon-ing movies. Rec me some stuff! Or ask for fic, icon, tumblr image, ANYTHING so that I can be busy. HALP.

Well, crap.

Apr. 8th, 2011 05:42 am
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I am now officially addicted to making things for my Tumblr. Halp.


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