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Should've done this ages ago :D Set to Gensomaden Saiyuki's Alone (Piano version).
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Because it's high time I did something for Ryunosuke!

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Spoilers for Ep 20!

I knew having these bg songs would eventually pay off someday XD

Now all I needed is something Ryuunosuke related. Heh.
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Because apparently, I have nothing better to do other than spam your flist. Sorry, guys. Blame the previews for Act 20 for having revived my love for this show :P

Chiaki/Kotoha, set to Gensomaden Saiyuki's For Real, Piano Version.
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Set to Gensomaden Saiyuki's Alone.

Now I want to make Ryuunosuke/Mako, Chiaki/Kotoha, and Kotoha/Takeru, too. Any suggestions on the music I should use for them?
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HELLO INSPIRATION. Yeah it strikes at odd times... HELLO FAVORITE COUPLE AT PGSM <3<3<3 Song is Stephen Speaks' Out of my League, from Nephrite's POV.
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I wanted to do a Takeru/Kotoha/Chiaki one but, heh, not enough clips. Plus my poor Ryu-san/Kotoha shipper heart is still beating anyway! And there's some for Mako/Kotoha people out there. Hehehe.

My nephew has fever. He's only 13 months old! I hope... dear Lord I hope he gets well :(
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My first Shinkenger wallpaper, HET COUPLE STYLE. Heh. Guess which couple is my favorite. HA. OMG IS RYUUNOSUKE PRETTIER THAN MAKO???

ALSO! Found this on a board I frequent in:

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WHY KIVA WHY MUST YOU END. AND WHY ISN'T THE FANDOM SHOWERING THIS COUPLE WITH LOVE. It's one of those rare instances where people in Toku/Sentai end up together, people!!!
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At first I thought of doing Sakura/Akashi butbutbut I love doing sad music vids. AND THERE IS A STORY IN THIS! Mwahahaha.

Anyways, my dream of Chiaki/Kotoha goes like this: Kotoha's mysteriously implanted with a chip that made her a skanky whore. IT DID. And Chiaki, while hoping to save her, is forced to watch her exploits.

[ profile] megthelegend, I blame this on your orgy fic.


Sixth Act:
Title- Waruku Chi Ou (King Abuse)
Airs- 3/22/09

The Ayakashi, Zuboshimeshi appears. This monster attacks people with emotional abuse, and Kotoha shows that she is resistant to its attacks, because for some reason, she is used to that kind of abuse. The Shinkenger try to fight the monster to protect innocents, but Kotoha is unable to help...

- So is this the first time we get a verbally abused ranger? Poor Kotoha.
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I watched the first few eps of THRF and though it was interesting, it wasn't my cup of tea. I found Hikaru a bit irritating and Juri a LOT irritating, but Rei has been my favorite character. Yesterday I watched eps 43-44 (and nothing before these two) and... OMG. THE CHARACTERS HAVE BECOME INSANE. IN A GOOD WAY.

Ep 43 made me cry. Well, any type of death scene makes me cry. But the story of the fox and CAI and... yes, damnit, I do cry easily :(

Then comes Ep 44. The episode killed me. It really just killed me dead. The dropping jaws, their captain's weird, purple wardrobe complete with pink fluffy fan, Hikaru's a pretty pretty student and Kyousuke's a nurse... and Rei cooking and with the make-up and high voice... and the RESCUE PRINCESS! RIBBON RIBBON! No, you don't have to know anything about the series. Just watch it. And let yourself be killed dead by Japanese insanity (which is OMG so good).

I'M SHAMELESSLY PLUGGING MY OWN VIDEO. BECAUSE I LOVE IT TO PIECES. WARNING: abuse of sepia tones. Because the story is told from Venus' POV.

Venus and Zoisite... yeah they interacted pretty much in only one episode but... I love the,. I really, really love them. For one thing, they both look like cats (or is it just me...?). The other... well, they both die in the series. And they're so intensely dedicated to Usagi and Mamoru. I WANT A FIC ABOUT THEM, NOW.

Am going to the dentist later on. WAAAAAH.
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APTLY TITLED ISN'T IT. OH HELLS YEAH. I told you I'll make a video for them AGES ago, yes? Well I watched them and now I have a sad song for them SO THIS IS THE RESULT. I fell in love with them again :D
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I am SOOOO looking forward to Shinkenger. I have an obsession with sentais that have two girls in their primary team... but is it true that we'll have a Magiranger-like all-siblings thing going on? I hope not. I'm already shipping Yellow and Blue as it is :P And ANOTHER TAKERU AS RED. OH YEAH. I feel a Maskman vibe going on - so maybe I should ship Yellow and Red? :P

A vid I made a looong time ago - same as Nago and Megumi's, me thinks.

Also! Smallville! Oh yes serve me up some of that Chloe/Doomsday plot, please!
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I've learned how to make music videos. YAYYYY. And now I shall show you my incompetence by actually posting it here! Please note this is for Kamen Rider Kiva (Megumi/Nago). I already have one for Haruka/Takeru from Hikari Sentai Maskman and Masumi/Natsuki from GoGo Sentai Boukenger but alas my net is sooo slooow I can only upload one today.

I may or may not produce one for Dark!Mercury/Kunzite because there is not much love for them in the internet. BOOO.

Video set to "Hero/Heroine" by Boys like Girls.



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