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1) go to
2) record yourself! talk to me/sing to me/recite a poem/whatever cools your jets!
3) post it here/on your journal!

yes flist I'm actually going to sing to you

what now

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1. Tried my hand at making candles yesterday! Let's just say I failed epically at that one, but to be fair, I didn't really know what I was doing :P I basically only used paraffin wax, color and scent, so the end result wasn't really stellar and I could still improve a whole lot. I shall try it again once I've acquired other ingredients. Do any of you make your own candles, flist? Any tips you may give me?

2. Our house is being renovated again and as such is in a total disarray. Ack. I am not looking forward to the clean-up :(

3. I finally got myself a copy of the Fellowship of The Ring Extended Edition and adsgfhgkjkjl I love it so much. I've always favored The Two Towers and Return of the King because my favorite characters were there, but viewing FoTR again, after all these years, was definitely fantastic. One of these days I am going to marathon those three in proper order, but, sob, nine hours. Hah.

4. Rereading the books and just... I am obsessed with the Gondor men, namely Denethor, Faramir, and Boromir. I've always favored the Rohan folks because I love their relationship, but the Stewards have such a complicated one that I just am really immersed in it. Denethor, you are such a douche, and I am wondering why I so love you now.

5. Trivia sections fascinate me. I really am amused at the idea of Orlando Bloom or Ethan Hawke playing Faramir, and Kate Winslet or Uma Thurman or Alison Doody for Eowyn. Also, Lucy Lawless for Galadriel. Hmmmm.

6. Meme!

Basically gimme two or more characters out of my fandoms who aren't usually paired together (by me/others), and I'll write a paragraph with them together. Characters can be from the same fandom or from different fandoms.
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Comment here and I'll tell you what I love about your RPing, and if you wish, return the favor! ♥
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We'll find out the gender of my sister's baby tomorrow! I'm so excited ♥ And I absolutely cannot wait for December to come, as they're coming home in time for Christmas, and could possibly stay for as long as three months. Yes, yes, yes.

I am also writing an LOTR ficlet about Éomer and Éowyn, since the idea struck while I was out reading fics for them. Apparently I am procrastinating again, since I told myself that I would start scouring for ideas for my Draco/Hermione fic assignment last Monday - and yet I've done everything but. Hnnnng. Self, what.

and now, for RP talk. )

SNAGGED FROM [ profile] yourlivewire:

Based entirely on my personality (so block what I really look like out of your mind), hunt down a "played by" who you think would best represent me. Reply here with the picture or link.
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Make a voice post with the following things so that your f-list can hear how you pronounce them (and laugh at you, of course):

* your name and/or username
* where you're from
* the words "roof", "aunt", "direction", and "naturally"
* your favorite song
* your favorite character
* a word in a different language

...jeez I sound really weird.
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GDI Antipolo, what have you done to me :( I'm a bit on the bedridden side right now, because of a slight-to-moderate fever. I want to be absent for work tomorrow but so much to do this week and I don't think I can afford to be absent again. GAH. So if I'm... spaced out or incoherent? Blame it on this stupid sickness thing.

Now for the meme I stole from [ profile] skaryma

Post, in your journal, a rec list singling out the best of your own fics. Tell people why you are especially proud of those particular fics, and of course provide links to them. Yes, that's right, this step involves self-promotion. How else are people supposed to find your fics? List as many or as few as you feel appropriate to represent your body of writing.

is it any wonder that most of the things I will list are D/Hr related? )
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The How's My Driving? Meme
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So uh how does one rip songs from a youtube video anyway? I'm desperate for an mp3 of this video and the online ripping programs I've seen around aren't exactly doing me any good :|

As for the meme:

Taken from both [ profile] amazonstorm and [ profile] mariko_azrael

Comment with a pairing of mine (you can comment with more than one!) and I'll tell you:

1. When I started shipping them
2. What I think their challenge is
3. What makes me happy about them
4. What makes me sad about them
5. What moment I wish had never happened
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other
7. My happily ever after for them

meme time!

Feb. 18th, 2010 12:35 pm
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HOLY CRAP in less than 24 hours my sister and nephew will be here with us! I really, really hope and pray they'll have a safe trip.

Taken from [ profile] niav:

Leave a comment on this post and I will pick three of your fandoms. Then you get to answer the following questions:

1. The character I first fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't
4. The character I love that everyone else hates
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer
6. The character I would shag anytime
7. The character I'd want to be like
8. The character I'd slap
9. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise
11. Favorite character
12. My five favorite characters
13. My five least favorite characters
14. Which character I am most like
15. My deep, dark fandom secret

My answers for Shinkenger, Harry Potter, and Rescue Fire )


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