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I was browsing through ATP and if I'm not mistaken, not a single LOTR character is being offered. SIGH.

Also, Plants vs. Zombies Y SO ADDICTIVE. I realize I'm like a decade late in appreciating this game but. Cattails is ♥

Also also I am procrastinating like mad. There's this work I have to do (a report, really) that I've been putting off since yesterday - but there's so many other more fun things to do, sob. Story of my life :(
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1. Friday will be my first-month-at-new-work anniversary! We haven't been doing much, but I've been told repeatedly and by so many different people that the crunch starts at the second month, so I'm psyching myself for that. Last week I observed how a group discussion works and how a facilitator handles it, and one day that'll be me. I'm excited and nervous about it!

2. Watched Goseiger's Last Epic. I didn't realize how much I missed seeing them in action until now! I think the only Goseiger eps I haven't watched are the movie itself and the team-up with Gokaiger. This one was... okay I guess. The first half was really fun, though the way it was resolved was typically too fast, sob. Oh well!

3. I'm so obsessed with this one local show it's insane. I haven't been this hooked since... four years ago, I think? It helps that a lot of people are hooked as well, and tumblr is my salvation for when I need a fix - which is often, hehe.

4. I miss having time to RP. I miss having motivation to RP even more. Nowadays I feel like I only have the weekends to play, and sometimes even then I don't feel the burning need to do it like before. I'm grateful [ profile] dramadramaduck is lax and welcoming and people backtag a lot, because I feel like that's the only way I can still play, as I am far from wanting to OMG DROP EVERYTHING.

...this doesn't mean I'll stop looking for castmates, though. I WANT GOSEIGERS AND LORD OF THE RINGS AND DEVIL WEARS PRADA PEOPLE, DAMNIT.
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1. We just came from the airport today for my mom's flight to San Francisco - and as usual I was bawling my eyes out by the time she headed inside the terminal :( I know she'll only be gone for a few months but I can't help it! My mom's my other best friend in the whole world (the other being my sister) so it's hard to not see her everyday. Plus I'm worried because this'll be her first long trip alone; usually she goes to the States with someone else, like me or my dad or my brother. I'm praying fervently that she'll get there safely.

2. My Faramir icons bagged a lot of stuff from the recently concluded [ profile] lotr20in20! My two sets won 2nd place on both AC and Category, plus some individual icons nabbed second-fifth places overall, and my entries for Community, Lost, Green, Levels, and Emotion won, too! Sweet. [ profile] narnia20in20 just posted its rules for this round, and Susan Pevensie is my claim for that, whereas Boromir is my claim for the next round of [ profile] lotr20in20. Wish me luck!

3. I'm reading pocketbooks again! It's been a very long time since I read anything historical romance - I should've known Mary Balogh will pick me up from that slump, hehe.

4. Sob, Akashi on Gokaiger next week! I haven't been watching the past few eps but I'll definitely watch next week's because FUCK YEAH BOUKENGER TRIBUTE. WOOHOO!


Jun. 10th, 2011 01:15 am
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1. Some of my Éowyn icons won in the recently concluded round of [ profile] lotr20in20! I was like WHAT ADGHJGJHKJOKL :D :D :D Wide won in the Themes Category, while my Artist Choice set won Second Place and my Category - Sequence won Third Place, and this icon won Third Place in the individual icons category. SWEEEEEET. I've entered Round 12 with Faramir as my claim and I'm excited to do himthem!

2. I just watched Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader and overall I was pretty meh about the whole movie. It doesn't help that Susan was my favorite character and she was not featured heavily in it (though I was surprised at how deep her voice has become!), although Eustace had easily won me over. Ben Barnes looks awesome, and is it just me or does he look younger in this movie than in Prince Caspian?

3. I've heard a lot of good things about X-Men:First Class. Have you watched it, flist? What do you think?
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1. Just got my prompts for [ profile] lotr20in20! It's the first time I'll be making something like this - and I'm both excited and scared because I... think I've forgotten how to make icons. Apparently I can only focus on doing one type of graphic at a time, what the hell self.

2. I WANT TO WRITE AGAIN. I may have something in mind for Gokaiger, if only I can actually get into writing it. For LOTR, I have a vague idea but prompts are always good! So if you want, GIVE ME A PROMPT FOR LOTR AND I'LL WRITE IT. Preferably Faramir/Éowyn-centric :P

3. My RP drive has been seriously lacking lately. Crap :\ Good thing I'm already clear with my activity for DDD, though, so I can be pretty scarce with my characters like I'm not already but.


5. FIREFOX I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING LEAVING YOU FOR GOOGLE CHROME. First, you don't let me upload anything to tumblr - and now you're not letting me post entries for LJ? HDU.

6. It's a meme from plurk but I'm curious: have I ever intimidated you?
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cut for image! )

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Thus, stuff.

33 Lord of the Rings icons
15 Sound of Music icons
1 Faramir/Éowyn (Tumblr)
1 Joe/Luka (Tumblr)
1 Captain/Maria (Tumblr)

the road goes on ever ever on )
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53 icons total

15 Lord of the Rings
38 Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (Ep 5/6)

i enjoyed this ep very much! )
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17 LoTR icons
1 Éomer/Éowyn Tumblr-y thing
1 Faramir/Éowyn Tumblr-y thing

no, seriously, I don't know what they're called. )
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1. Tried my hand at making candles yesterday! Let's just say I failed epically at that one, but to be fair, I didn't really know what I was doing :P I basically only used paraffin wax, color and scent, so the end result wasn't really stellar and I could still improve a whole lot. I shall try it again once I've acquired other ingredients. Do any of you make your own candles, flist? Any tips you may give me?

2. Our house is being renovated again and as such is in a total disarray. Ack. I am not looking forward to the clean-up :(

3. I finally got myself a copy of the Fellowship of The Ring Extended Edition and adsgfhgkjkjl I love it so much. I've always favored The Two Towers and Return of the King because my favorite characters were there, but viewing FoTR again, after all these years, was definitely fantastic. One of these days I am going to marathon those three in proper order, but, sob, nine hours. Hah.

4. Rereading the books and just... I am obsessed with the Gondor men, namely Denethor, Faramir, and Boromir. I've always favored the Rohan folks because I love their relationship, but the Stewards have such a complicated one that I just am really immersed in it. Denethor, you are such a douche, and I am wondering why I so love you now.

5. Trivia sections fascinate me. I really am amused at the idea of Orlando Bloom or Ethan Hawke playing Faramir, and Kate Winslet or Uma Thurman or Alison Doody for Eowyn. Also, Lucy Lawless for Galadriel. Hmmmm.

6. Meme!

Basically gimme two or more characters out of my fandoms who aren't usually paired together (by me/others), and I'll write a paragraph with them together. Characters can be from the same fandom or from different fandoms.
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Also as a thank-you for your well-wishes ♥

108 Return of the King icons
74 colored
34 black and white


why such a douche, denethor? )



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