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Rating: G
Summary: Five what-if scenarios that could have happened to Nozama Tomoko and Sakuta Ryusei, and one that did.
Notes: Because I miss writing Tomoko/Ryusei sob. References to different episodes and movies though some lines are obviously changed because it's been too long since I last saw any of them.

read more )
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Rating: PG
Summary: He had no reason to wake up early but he had nearly five years' worth of reasons to stay on that bed for however long he wanted.

And she laughed darkly and kissed his shoulder and she was so warm and-- )
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Rating: G
Summary: "You're a good boy. Tomoko is certainly lucky to have you as a friend."
Notes: A what-if scenario that leads to the Fourze x Wizard movie spoilers. Set from present-ish to about five years into the future. Obviously AU. This was originally a two-part thing that became a three-parter... jeez!

Only the possibility that what he was doing could lead to Tomoko and JK's return kept him from giving up. )
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Rating: G
Summary: "You're a good boy. Tomoko is certainly lucky to have you as a friend."
Notes: A what-if scenario that leads to the Fourze x Wizard movie spoilers. Set from present-ish to five years into the future. Also included is jadedkrystal's prompt about Ryusei meeting Tomoko's mom... sorry if it took me so long to write this down!

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Rating: G
Summary: Because she couldn't afford to lose hope. What would Ryusei think if even she gave up on seeing him again?
Notes: Requested by okaa-san from Tumblr! She gave me this prompt: After High School graduation, Ryusei disappears without a trace. Tomoko thoughts for the whole year he was gone. And Ryusei's thoughts about leaving her behind. This is the result.

Ryusei-san's been missing for more than a year now. Gentarou-san tried looking for with but nothing happened - don't you remember? What makes you think he'll be coming back now? )
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Rating: G
Summary: Set post ep-44. He became paranoid of everything and everyone - what could they be thinking, every time Ryusei sat next to Tomoko at the Rabbit Hatch?
Notes: I have no excuse for writing this, except awkward!in denial!Ryusei is just a thing of beauty to me. Also I meant to cram all five things here but then this one turned into a monster instead of being short, heh.

She was now spending more time with JK than with him, and it infuriated Ryusei to no end. Of course, he had no one to blame but himself. )
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Rating: PG
Summary: Without any sort of protection against the harshness of space, it was likely that Tomoko was dead. Mid episode 41.
Notes: Requested by aisublue from Tumblr who gave the prompt what happened when Ryusei thought Tomoko had been sent to the Dark Nebula?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't ever recall the club discussing about dark nebulae or what not, or if they even knew what those are in relation to Virgo before ep 41/42, so this was the result of it. If they did, I'm... sorry?

Also, I've taken the explanation of dark nebulae from this site because I've no idea what they are beforehand. Space is awesome!

What did Tomoko feel, Ryusei thought, when she encountered Virgo? )
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Rating: G
Summary: But... your heart is as weak as ever. What did that mean, anyway?
Notes: This happens mid ep 45, because I want this issue to be addressed somehow :P

Gentarou seemed to trust Hayami, thus Ryusei was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Even if his gut was telling him otherwise. )
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Rating: G
Summary: He'd already done the unthinkable before this - why stop now?
Notes: requested by gottis_chan! I know you mentioned aftermath of 31 and 32, but I cheated and made this fic take place mid-32 :3

It had never been more difficult or painful to turn around and walk away from her. )
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Rating: G
Summary: "Amanogawa changed him for the better. I think we can all agree to that."
Notes: Requested by ridingthekamen from Tumblr! This... may have turned out a bit differently from what was originally requested, but I couldn't resist ;3

Tomoko smiled in relief. Her white snake skin had yet to fail her when she wanted to find something or, in this case, someone, no matter how creepy others thought it was. )
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Rating: G
Summary: Takes place mid ep-48, post Kengo's death. Tomoko/Ryusei.
Notes: Requested by gottischan from Tumblr!

He offered to take her home that night. )
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Ratings: G
Summary: "The bad thing about surprises is that sometimes the one who plans it ends up being the one surprised." Shades of Tomoko/Ryusei, of course.

The very thought of her standing up against enemies such as the Zodiarts and fighting them made Ryusei's stomach clench and drop )


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