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It's September 18! Which means...


Dear workplace: )
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My head is killing me. Spent the entire day in bed and trying to sleep away the flu - which sucks, because how can I enjoy the weekend when I'm tied to the bed? How? How?

In any case, I'm excited for next week - as I'll be able to hand in my 30-days notice for work. Fuck, Yeah! Also I'm seeing this 30 Days of Angel meme everywhere and I might just do that - it looks fun and Angel is probably the one show I can't ever shut up about these days :P
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...huh. Okay, that's new - I just received spam mail from my own yahoo account. Weird.

Last night I get to watch Up for the first time. OHMYGOD that movie. What made it all the more epic was that Christopher Plummer voiced the bad guy ♥ I might watch The Hangover later, although I really do need to rewatch The Mummy, too, if I am serious about apping Evie at [ profile] taxonomites. Then there's the three tapes I need to listen to if I want to hand in something work-related tomorrow and omg why am I not yet doing any of this again :|

IN OTHER NEWS, my nephew can speak now! Just bits and pieces here and there, and thank you Skype for your ability to bridge countries :D
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AUGHHHHHHHH I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED AL GORE IN MANILA. I wanted so very badly to watch "The Inconvenient Truth" ever since I saw a billboard for it in... April, I think? It's one of those events where I always say, oh, I'll check it out later and I never do. GDI. other news, can it be July now? Or at the very least, June 22. Thank goodness this Monday is a holiday, though - I need to sleep before practically dying next week :(
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Literally. I had to take the day off from work because I don't think I can stare into a computer screen for eight hours while wearing glasses. It's weird, though, they only sting when I'm wearing glasses, while without them (like right now) I feel... better.

Ugh, tomorrow I have to go to work early since I'm missing out on a lot of tasks today :(
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But since I already have a tag, it will most certainly do.

Ugh, TV. Watching TV this past few days is just annoying, considering how everyone's getting bombarded with political ads every .05 seconds. Seriously. Sitting through a 30-minute show will expose the viewer to, like, 10 ads per commercial break. Per commercial break. The same promises of silver lining and hope and bullshit that one knows will never ever happen anyway.

Ughhhh I can't wait for Monday to be over :|

...scratch that, I can't wait for this coming week to be over. Ugh, work. I just-- sometimes I feel appreciative of you, while on other days I just can't wait until June 30 is over. It's just... most of the days I go what the hell am I doing while doing my job. In before crai more bawwww.
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But first! any case, yep. I flew domestic the first time! It's ironic how often I've been to other countries but never to the other parts of my own country - which I did this week. Thank you, current job!
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UGH. Work has been insane this past week - and will continue to be so until Friday, I think. I used to complain about me not having enough to do; WELL. Now I just don't even know where or what to start or how I can even finish anything because they just keep on coming :( I have three deadlines that I have to meet by Friday and I've been bringing some files home because I always say oh, I'll read it and make a completely brilliant analysis of these Senate Bills before I go to sleep BUT I NEVER DO. UGHHHHH.

I wish it's next week already :( Or at least Friday night.

Also, [ profile] fandomsecrets? Please to be not featuring any Buffy season 8 Buffy/Angel sexy timez secret? I just... no. Just. NO. I was doing so well without the visuals, thanks.
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...why can't all weekends be 4-day-weekends? I did very little for the past few days (except spamming [ profile] dear_mun) and I really, really missed staying up until 3 AM :3 Although this week is also a long weekend, so... yay!

I'm dreading going to work tomorrow because I think I misplaced some papers my supervisor gave me last Monday to read god why am I so careless sob. Also I'll be attending a meeting in the afternoon and I don't even know what the meeting will be about. Apparently everyone else has rejected the idea of being the representative of our Director and they were all like, "Why don't we make the new girl go?"

...yes, because the new girl will actually have valuable inputs to the said Integrity-Development meeting, considering she's been working in the company for the grand total of 12 working days.

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What is up with the leaves, LJ? I like the cake better :|

Today, we're going for our last family outing to the beach before my sister and her family leaves for the States on Tuesday. We're all sad about them leaving, and honestly we've tried to talk to them into staying for a while longer - or at least until Holy Week is over, but :( :( Ugh. I hate goodbyes so. Much.

Work. Please stop being so boring. It's probably because I'm new but. I have so little to do! Seriously. And it's so uncomfortable because the people around me are just so damn busy with lots of things while I'm just sitting there trying so hard not to sleep. Thank god they didn't block LJ, though.


Mar. 15th, 2010 09:14 pm
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Icon is very fitting as it's how I'm feeling right now.

In a cut to spare people from crazy work-related stuff )


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