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...huh. Okay, that's new - I just received spam mail from my own yahoo account. Weird.

Last night I get to watch Up for the first time. OHMYGOD that movie. What made it all the more epic was that Christopher Plummer voiced the bad guy ♥ I might watch The Hangover later, although I really do need to rewatch The Mummy, too, if I am serious about apping Evie at [ profile] taxonomites. Then there's the three tapes I need to listen to if I want to hand in something work-related tomorrow and omg why am I not yet doing any of this again :|

IN OTHER NEWS, my nephew can speak now! Just bits and pieces here and there, and thank you Skype for your ability to bridge countries :D
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What is up with the leaves, LJ? I like the cake better :|

Today, we're going for our last family outing to the beach before my sister and her family leaves for the States on Tuesday. We're all sad about them leaving, and honestly we've tried to talk to them into staying for a while longer - or at least until Holy Week is over, but :( :( Ugh. I hate goodbyes so. Much.

Work. Please stop being so boring. It's probably because I'm new but. I have so little to do! Seriously. And it's so uncomfortable because the people around me are just so damn busy with lots of things while I'm just sitting there trying so hard not to sleep. Thank god they didn't block LJ, though.


Mar. 15th, 2010 09:14 pm
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Icon is very fitting as it's how I'm feeling right now.

In a cut to spare people from crazy work-related stuff )
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Yesterday's outing was fun! It was great seeing all my cousins and their children, and swimming was a blast - of course, it would have been better if my throat wasn't all scratchy and I wasn't feeling weird :| I ended up being the designated photographer but it was still nice to see Joaquin enjoy swimming so much. He and my other two-year-old niece, Santina, had a ton of fun and their parents had a hard time dragging them away from the water. We stayed at a townhouse in Mimosa which was, strangely enough, owned by the son of our current president. Imagine my WTF expression when we walked in the house and found a lot of his movie posters (why yes tried his hand at acting) and newspaper articles framed all over the house. UGH.

In other news, tomorrow I'll find out if I will be accepted at that company I applied for ages ago. I turned down the first job they offered me because the perks of that were just... non-existent, and I'm very picky. But with this second job? I feel... I don't know. Weird about it I guess, because if ever I get accepted, my first day will be on March 16 - next week. For some reason I had it in my mind that March 16 was two weeks away, and I still have a ton of stuff to do. Of course, it's silly to worry about stuff when it hasn't yet happened - so maybe tomorrow will be different? I don't know. UGH self stop stressing about non-existent things :|

Fandom side? I still have to watch Goseiger ep 4, something I have yet to find the energy to do because I'm not too keen on Eri and Arata and it's their focus episode, so. I knew I'll be treating this season the way I did Go-onger - I'll only be watching Moune's focus episodes, and probably Aguri's too - but that's about it.

Late reaction is late but JOSS WTF WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING. I am just. There are no words. I don't even know if I should be disgusted at it or should just laugh it off, to be honest - maybe both?
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Everyone here in our house just stops doing anything so we can listen to my nephew talk and it's just syhlknjbhgdf;kjjkn so cute XD We're thinking it's either he's spouting off complicated mathematical equations while touching some related topics in Physics or Shakespeare's works in Latin or Greek or both and we're just too dumb to completely get what he's saying.


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