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The last two typhoons that ravaged our country ended up severing my internet connection, which... isn't really a big deal compared to what most people in our province faced. I guess I'm still lucky that the typhoon ended up only partially taking away what I can actually live without.

ANYWAY. I'm late, I don't care, but:

rp love meme
hmd meme

also, pics of my two current sentai otpppppppppps. ilu tumblr! )
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1. It's been raining like insane these past few days and, as our place is flood-prone, I've been sleeping very late since I want to know when and if the water will enter our house, and I want to alert everyone once it happens. The water was in our garage from Sunday until last night, and thankfully when I woke up this morning it was gone. I'm kinda worried though since there's another typhoon in our country supposedly coming in today :\

2. I've been playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep non-stop since Friday. This helps me with my worries about the flood, plus it's super fun! I've been dying to play a new RPG since I finished FFXIII ages ago, and this was perfect. It's also been the reason I haven't been online that often, except for consulting walkthroughs - both my Tumblr and Plurk feel neglected already. I tried playing Dissidia before this one but I don't like it that much.

3. I start working on July 1! I kinda doubt I'll be able to save since the pay is a bit low, but I'm hoping it will open new possibilities for me in the future, be it in the same company or in the same field. I'm planning on sleeping a lot before I start, though! Sleeping and generally being lazy all around :P

4. Mom's leaving for the States on July 10, in time for my sister's giving birth! July's going to be a very interesting month for my family.

5. I reserved both Susan Pevensie and Emily Charlton at DDD but I don't think I can app any of them :( Oh, well. I'll see what my work schedule will be like, and then make a decision if I want to app a fourth character or not.


Jun. 12th, 2011 01:24 am
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I bought DVDs! Enchanted, Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Devil Wears Prada. They were uber cheap - P150, P199, and P150 respectively (which is like $3.50-$5 each) and at a later date I'll buy Ever After and Sound of Music. I realized late that I want to collect these things - I was looking for Prince Caspian but for some reason I can't find a copy of it in the three stores I went to :\ Voyage of the Dawn Treader was already on sale for P375 but I'll wait for the price to come down further, hehe.

I'm wondering if I should pick up Susan or Jadis from Narnia to make a journal for, but then Jadis has a history in another book that I've not yet read yet, so... heh. I don't think I've seen a journal for that character yet, though? It might be interesting. Also, I might push through with apping Emily from TDWP because she's fun and I miss snarky characters :D Also I want to icon this movie like. So badly. Haha!

ETA: Saw Gokaiger 17! All I see in Gai is Genta :\ And Ahim, even in Gai's daydream you are as lifeless and stiff as a board. Ugh.
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1. Just got my prompts for [ profile] lotr20in20! It's the first time I'll be making something like this - and I'm both excited and scared because I... think I've forgotten how to make icons. Apparently I can only focus on doing one type of graphic at a time, what the hell self.

2. I WANT TO WRITE AGAIN. I may have something in mind for Gokaiger, if only I can actually get into writing it. For LOTR, I have a vague idea but prompts are always good! So if you want, GIVE ME A PROMPT FOR LOTR AND I'LL WRITE IT. Preferably Faramir/Éowyn-centric :P

3. My RP drive has been seriously lacking lately. Crap :\ Good thing I'm already clear with my activity for DDD, though, so I can be pretty scarce with my characters like I'm not already but.


5. FIREFOX I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING LEAVING YOU FOR GOOGLE CHROME. First, you don't let me upload anything to tumblr - and now you're not letting me post entries for LJ? HDU.

6. It's a meme from plurk but I'm curious: have I ever intimidated you?


Mar. 6th, 2011 02:55 am
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1. Ugh, Gokaiger. Blue/Pink DNW :( And Luka's pose is seriously mucking up my perception of Yellow Owl, Yellow Turbo and Yellow Four, AND SO MANY OTHER YELLOWS. Heh.

2. My notifs are like. Not coming at all. For everything ever! And it's annoying because I have everything separated in folders and all sporadic notifs from LJ aren't even going to their appropriate folders. Ugh, what.

3. My first post at ATP and I already coded it wrongly sob! Seriously guys, if you have an LoTR character - app him/her at [ profile] dramadramaduck. I beg you! More castmates = more awesome. Same goes for Super Sentai because... well, for pretty much the same reason :P

4. I am considering dropping CFUD :( Ughh, I hate this feeling. I have the best castmates in the world and yet I am utterly failing at the old man. Sorry, guys T__________T
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1. Layout change! Oh yeah.

2. Thinking of doing a friends-cut, which is something I haven't done ever. It's kinda weird to see all these journals I've friended and not know or remember why I did. Hmmm.

3. While searching for LoTR fics, I came across a journal that's been designated as a memorial journal. It was really sad and depressing, even though I don't know who this person was :(

4. I would really appreciate any and all crit for my RP characters, especially the LoTR ones because... yeah, LoTR. Hnnggg. I'd wish to know what I'm doing wrong and how I could correct it, if ever - and your suggestions would be more than welcomed!
The How's My Driving? Meme
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But first! [ profile] etapa and [ profile] ice_cobalt , I'm definitely working on the fics. They are just... taking longer than usual, sorry! ♥

and now for the meme. )

Also, if you have suggestions on where else I could play these characters... I'm all ears. Or eyes. Whichever.


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