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SOMEONE FUCKING TELL ME WHY I CAN'T LOG IN OR EVEN GO TO TUMBLR ANYMORE AGHHHH it's so annoying especially since I can access it from work but from my house I can't, not through my phone or even through the laptop. GRRR.

So my Christmas break is almost over and I spent it by re-watching Boukenger and also Gransazer, the latter of which I only very vaguely remembered actually seeing. I do remember that I had a favorite  character there - Ryoko - and I chanced upon a spoiler that she got married and I was like. WHAT. But then I remembered shipping her with Akira and I was like !!!! BUT THEN I SAW THAT SHE MARRIED NAOTO AND I WAS LIKE !!!!! WHO THE FUCK IS NAOTO EVEN

So like an obsessed idiot, I wanted to see for myself how this ending came to be. Needless to say, there were some hints, not very strong ones, but if one saw them with the knowledge of what happens in the end... 

Needless to say, expect some fics in the future. Shippy things maybe but I also want to focus on the Wind Tribe dynamics because they are so awesome. Like. Acting-wise Jin's actor is doubtless the best; Akira's and even Ryoko's were - I'm sorry to say - horrible - but there is a charm to their horribleness that made the group more... interesting, I guess? The other tribes were just there - though I do adore Naoto and Makoto and Tippei is just gorgeous, you guys - but tribe-wise, the Wind guys are ahead by miles in my heart of hearts.


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Sob, Boukenger song playing in Gokaiger. I can't. Be still my heart!

...also why yes I ship Akashi/Luka now.

Also isn't Natsuki's weapon/attack called 'Bucket Scooper'? Or maybe I just need to actually sleep now. Hmm.
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1. We just came from the airport today for my mom's flight to San Francisco - and as usual I was bawling my eyes out by the time she headed inside the terminal :( I know she'll only be gone for a few months but I can't help it! My mom's my other best friend in the whole world (the other being my sister) so it's hard to not see her everyday. Plus I'm worried because this'll be her first long trip alone; usually she goes to the States with someone else, like me or my dad or my brother. I'm praying fervently that she'll get there safely.

2. My Faramir icons bagged a lot of stuff from the recently concluded [ profile] lotr20in20! My two sets won 2nd place on both AC and Category, plus some individual icons nabbed second-fifth places overall, and my entries for Community, Lost, Green, Levels, and Emotion won, too! Sweet. [ profile] narnia20in20 just posted its rules for this round, and Susan Pevensie is my claim for that, whereas Boromir is my claim for the next round of [ profile] lotr20in20. Wish me luck!

3. I'm reading pocketbooks again! It's been a very long time since I read anything historical romance - I should've known Mary Balogh will pick me up from that slump, hehe.

4. Sob, Akashi on Gokaiger next week! I haven't been watching the past few eps but I'll definitely watch next week's because FUCK YEAH BOUKENGER TRIBUTE. WOOHOO!
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1. Layout change! Oh yeah.

2. Thinking of doing a friends-cut, which is something I haven't done ever. It's kinda weird to see all these journals I've friended and not know or remember why I did. Hmmm.

3. While searching for LoTR fics, I came across a journal that's been designated as a memorial journal. It was really sad and depressing, even though I don't know who this person was :(

4. I would really appreciate any and all crit for my RP characters, especially the LoTR ones because... yeah, LoTR. Hnnggg. I'd wish to know what I'm doing wrong and how I could correct it, if ever - and your suggestions would be more than welcomed!
The How's My Driving? Meme
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In before ushering in a New Year!

Hosted by Hosted by Hosted by

a few more this way! )
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1) The downside to the season? The urgent need to lose weight afterward. I know you know what I'm talking about, sob. Just... parties, fiestas, and gatherings everywhere... fatty foods, why are you so good to eat :(

2) FFXIII is pretty much eating all of my time nowadays. Also? Downloading and rewatching Boukenger. I plan on marathoning Go-Onger next, but this isn't much of a priority, so.

3) Speaking of Sentai, I am sad that Goseiger is ending soon. I am ecstatic that the next ep is focused on Agri/Moune though, as we are very much in need of Landick-focused eps. As for Goukaiger, am I the only one who actually likes GoukaiBlue's ponytail? And ever since I saw GoukaiYellow's actress, I've always thought she resembles Filipina actress Jackie Rice. Buuuuuut that just might be me :P

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Hosted by

...I really think Moune, Hyde, and Eri rocked Natsuki, Souta, and Sakura's uniforms :D

and let's not forget the beauty that was Hyde in this next pic. ALSO speculations for Goukaiger under the cut! )
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I seem to be in the mood to write sentai-related things :D As such, HIT ME WITH YOUR SENTAI PROMPTS! Megaranger, Maskman, Magiranger, Jetman, Fiveman, Bioman, Boukenger, Shinkenger, Goseiger, Rescue Fire, Kamen Rider Kiva... I think that about covers the shows I can write for. Multiple prompts are very welcomed! Comments are screened.
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So. This is just a rundown of things I'm looking forward to:

stuffity stuff stuff )
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When I try to do a bit of canon review for both Cordy and Illyria and actually watch the seasons they were in, I find out that I can't get and hear their voices as clearly as I did afterward.

Please tell me I'm not the only one?

Yep. Watching Season Three right now. )

Another fun thing? You get to notice editing flaws/mistakes/fluffs. Like, voice-overs without the actors opening their mouths, changes in camera angles where the actors will have adopted a new pose in a split-second... hah. It's fun :D
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Oh hello my original Shinkenger pair!

Hehehe, I have a flashback of Boukenger, the one with the sunken ship. It was also Blue (Souta) and Yellow (Natsuki) who infiltrated an adventure school before. Ugh I miss Boukenger :(
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Yep, turning my attention on this aspect of LJ that I have NEVER touched before.

So! I'm planning on making my own sentai mood theme; either Boukenger or Shinkenger. I'm planning on the latter, though, because I am obsessed with it. Seriously. Did you know that I found three instances where Kotoha/her suit actress is doing things differently from the others? This is only confirming my belief that she is not who they say she is. ASK ME WHAT! ASK ME WHAT THEY ARE!!! ... but they're probably unimportant anyway :P

Anyway. Either that or... does anyone have a Hana Yori Dango mood theme by any chance? Korean is fine but Japanese is love :D
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At first I thought of doing Sakura/Akashi butbutbut I love doing sad music vids. AND THERE IS A STORY IN THIS! Mwahahaha.

Anyways, my dream of Chiaki/Kotoha goes like this: Kotoha's mysteriously implanted with a chip that made her a skanky whore. IT DID. And Chiaki, while hoping to save her, is forced to watch her exploits.

[ profile] megthelegend, I blame this on your orgy fic.


Sixth Act:
Title- Waruku Chi Ou (King Abuse)
Airs- 3/22/09

The Ayakashi, Zuboshimeshi appears. This monster attacks people with emotional abuse, and Kotoha shows that she is resistant to its attacks, because for some reason, she is used to that kind of abuse. The Shinkenger try to fight the monster to protect innocents, but Kotoha is unable to help...

- So is this the first time we get a verbally abused ranger? Poor Kotoha.
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I've learned how to make music videos. YAYYYY. And now I shall show you my incompetence by actually posting it here! Please note this is for Kamen Rider Kiva (Megumi/Nago). I already have one for Haruka/Takeru from Hikari Sentai Maskman and Masumi/Natsuki from GoGo Sentai Boukenger but alas my net is sooo slooow I can only upload one today.

I may or may not produce one for Dark!Mercury/Kunzite because there is not much love for them in the internet. BOOO.

Video set to "Hero/Heroine" by Boys like Girls.



Jul. 17th, 2008 01:18 am
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I miss Boukenger. I know, I know, I can watch it anytime I wanted to, but... it's not the same, you know? Is it weird to wish that another episode for this will be made? Hehehe.

Anyways, I wrote two Lobo fics! Go me. Of course, Alec/Gabby!

Untitled 1 )

One of my friends over at PEX made it into wallpapers! SWEET!!!!

See for yourself! )

Untitled 2 )


I'm writing again! Yeee!! Now, if only I can focus my attention on TCoDM....!!
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Since I am an icon-making whore (who is still learning the intricacies of making icons!), I have decided to dump all my made icons into one huge post, just so I won't clog up your f-list because there's a HUGE possibility of me doing icons everyday :X

Icons under their respective cuts.

01 02 03 Task 27 )

01 02 03 Task 34. )

01 02 03 Task 33. )

01 02 23 Task 14 )

01 02 03Maskman icons )

I'm still learning, so any constructive criticism will be highly valued :D

- Please credit when taking icons; some can be used as bases IF you ask.
- Resources and credits for textures used are found here


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