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5 Things: Yuri/Estelle


She pushes the fruit in his hands, all the while insisting how important it is for him to be well-nourished during their journeys, and for a wild second he's agog at the thought that someone is actually concerned about his well-being -- him, good-for-nothing Yuri Lowell--


She sits quietly in front of the tree, writing, daydreaming about the past, present, future - and quite suddenly he's beside her and she screams because most of her thoughts are of him and how is it that they can summon him like this? Can she always do that? What if--


They are walking alongside each other and talking about nothing and everything in between when his hand brushes hers once, twice; she glances at him and giggles before quite resolutely lacing their fingers together.


Belatedly she realizes that it's raining and, oh, she's wearing her best, most pristine gown; but he's laughing and calling her name and reaching for her hand and she thinks yes, yes of course I'll come, don't be silly Yuri! 


He watches her waltz with some dignitary from a foreign land and tries his damnedest to look disinterested; the Captain nudges him knowingly and he swats the offending shoulder away before stalking the hell out of the castle.

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