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Jabi/Tsubasa! Wave Glass Cry Bond Music


He was not calling for her, and her heart knew he would not and at that moment she absolutely hated him, his pride, and his stubbornness for choosing to let her go instead of convincing her to stay.


She was leaving, he knew, and despite wanting to stop her with every inch of his being he knew he couldn't, for in truth he didn't know how he could make her stay.


As soon as his tears fell, so did hers; it amazed and terrified her, how this strong, powerful man could be reduced to this by his mountainous grief.


He didn't have to think it through; one moment he was looking at her, words trembling in his mouth, and the next he was reaching for her hand and she was warm and soft and all that he thought she was - and more. 


What can I offer her? I have nothing to give her. She will not be happy here.

Stupid Onii-chan. Jabi-nee doesn't care about any of that! She loves you after all.

How can you know that?

I know many things. Jabi-nee taught me, after all.

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